Issue 1

Scene 1

Donovan and his group begins to pack up their supplies just as the fire from the attack burnt up most of the things within the community.

Donovan: Let's hurry up before anymore of those fucking bandits come back to kill us.

Scene 2

Tyler and Anna begins to enter their old house.

Tyler: It's going to be crazy knowing that we're moving away from our childhood home.

Anna: I know. Ma would be proud of us right now.

Tyler: Why?

Anna: She told me before she died that she'd want us to stick together.

Tyler hugs Anna just before packing up their supplies in the house.

Scene 3

Donovan enters the RV alongside Maya, Ryan, Louis, and Carter.

Maya: I wished that Eugene, Carl, Patricia, and Jericho never died in the attack.

Ryan: They were the best out of us all.

Louis: We can't do anything but survive in their honor.

Carter: Damn straight, Louis.

Donovan: Where's Tyler and Anna?

Tyler and Anna begins to arrive.

Tyler: We're here, Donovan.

Anna sits in the passenger seat just before Donovan begins to drive off as the group abandons the community.

Scene 4

Donovan parks the RV on the side of the road.

Donovan: Ryan and Carter, you're both on guard duty over the RV. Tyler, Anna, Maya, and Louis, you're coming with me to search for supplies.

Ryan and Carter begins to climb onto the roof of the RV just as Donovan and the rest begins to walk away. A masked man appears in some bushes just as Donovan and the rest disappears from sight. Ryan and Carter spots the man, and aims at him.

Jeremy: Don't shoot or you'll be shot at by my fellow members. We killed your people, and you killed ours. I'll never forgive you and your friends for killing Shawn, Eric, Olivia, Kirk, and Emily. You totally missed out on killing Janice, Oberson, and Walter.

Several bandits begins to exit from the bushes.

Franklin: Surrender or die, scum.

Ryan fires his gun, and a gunfight erupts.



  • Eugene (Confirmed Fate)
  • Carl (Confirmed Fate)
  • Patricia (Confirmed Fate)
  • Jericho (Confirmed Fate)
  • Shawn (Confirmed Fate)
  • Eric (Confirmed Fate)
  • Olivia (Confirmed Fate)
  • Kirk (Confirmed Fate)
  • Emily (Confirmed Fate)
  • Tyler and Anna's unnamed mother (Confirmed Fate)
  • Numerous unnamed members of Donovan's Community (Confirmed Fates)
  • Several unnamed North Carolina Bandit Army members (Confirmed Fates)

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