Name Felix
Gender Male
Faction/Group Ralph's house
Family Ralph (brother), Unnamed man (father, deceased)
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Status Dead
Death Devoured by walkers after when Rancis accidentally turned on the tractor.

Felix is a minor character in The Regular Dead. He is the younger brother of Ralph, and the best friend of Steve.


Felix is a kind hearted young man who is willing to help those in need. He worked as a repairman prior to the apocalypse. He is a happy individual who is never seen expressing anger towards others.


Nothing is known about Felix's life before the outbreak, except that he's Ralph's younger brother and Steve's best friend, and he worked as a repairman.


A New Day

Felix is first seen out in the street with Steve outside of Vanellope's house, trying to push a wrecked car that's blocking their path. He raises his arms in defense when Mordecai and Vanellope show up. After when Mordecai clarifies that they are alive, Felix requests Mordecai for some help by pushing the car away and offers to take both him and Vanellope to his and Ralph's home to spend the night. The conversation is short lived when the zombies start getting closer. After successfully pushing the car out of the way, Felix takes the driver's seat in his pick-up truck and drive away in a hurry.

Later that same evening, Felix and company make it to his home. Steve says goodbye to Felix, Mordecai and Vanellope and heads back towards his house. Felix's brother Ralph walks out of the house and greets them in a friendly manner. Felix explains to Ralph about Mordecai finding Vanellope alone in her house, to which Ralph shows worry for her well being. Ralph then tells Felix to go into the house to get some medical supplies to tend to Mordecai's injury.

Felix speaks up and says to Ralph that the fence needs to be repaired to prevent any attacks from occurring to which Ralph agrees to. The two brothers then go back into the house, getting ready for bed.

The next morning, Felix approaches Mordecai and tells him that he wants to talk to him about something. After when Mordecai gets to know Rigby, he walks over to Felix. Felix thanks him for helping him the other day, and then explains about his past and that during the first few days, he saw a guy kill a boy in Atlanta.


Killed By

  • Zombies
  • Rancis (Caused, Accidental)

After when Mordecai has a conversation with Ralph, Felix is heard screaming. Mordecai came to see what was going on and saw that Felix's leg was trapped underneath a tractor that Rancis accidentally turned on. Mordecai saves Rancis, and when he goes to help Felix, the fence gives in and the walkers devour Felix.

Killed Victims

  • Possibly a few zombies


  • Felix takes on the role as Shawn Greene from The Walking Dead game.
  • Instead of a father-son relationship like what Hershel and Shawn have, Felix and Ralph are brothers.
    • Additionally, Felix and Ralph were never brothers in Wreck-It Ralph. 
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