Name Gloyd
Gender Male
Faction/Group Margaret's group (formerly), Mordecai's group (formerly), Alone (currently)
Family Unknown
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Status Unknown
Death N/A

Gloyd is a supporting character in The Regular Dead. Although he's still young, he displays a lot of bravery and knowledge.


Gloyd is a calm and friendly boy. He is shown to be very brave and smart for someone his age. He also knows his way around Macon, since he was growing up there prior to the apocalypse.


Nothing is known about Gloyd's life prior to the outbreak, except that he was a Macon boy.


A New Day

After when CJ rescues Mordecai's group from the swarming walkers, Gloyd directs them into the pharmacy. He then shuts the gate and locks it with a combination lock before entering the pharmacy. Once inside, Gloyd listens into the argument that's going on. He takes Mordecai's group's side by telling Margaret that they have kids, to which Margaret replies that the walkers don't care.

When the argument gets out of control, Gloyd is shown to be visibly worried when he hears the walkers getting close by. After when things calm down, Gloyd volunteers to go out on a supply run over at an abandoned motel out towards the end of Peachtree. Mordecai then gives Gloyd one of Vanellope's walkie-talkies in case something happens during the supply run.

A little later, Gloyd contacts Vanellope on her walkie-talkie, requesting for help, because he got surrounded by walkers at the motel. After their conversation, Mordecai takes the radio and enlists CJ to help him out with rescuing Gloyd. Once at the motel, Gloyd is found hiding in an ice machine. Gloyd explains to Mordecai and CJ that he found a survivor that's hiding in one of the rooms and that she boarded the door up. Mordecai agrees to save her, although CJ is dismayed by the decision.

The trio makes it to the balcony where the survivor's motel room is. After a little coaxing, the survivor comes out and reveals that she's been bit, and that her boyfriend was bitten too. Gloyd is saddened to hear this and wants to leave immediately. The survivor pleads CJ for her gun so that she can commit suicide before reanimation, to which the latter disagrees to. The survivor becomes hysterical and destroys the balcony after a scuffle. The survivor successfully takes the gun and kills herself. After the survivor's death, a horrified Gloyd takes the gun and pukes at the thought of the suicide. The walkers notice them and the trio flees back to the pharmacy.

Killed Victims

  • Possibly a few zombies.


  • Gloyd takes the role of Glenn from The Walking Dead video game.
  • Unlike Glenn who is an adult, Gloyd is still a child.
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