Hank Hill
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 40
Occupation Propane Sellsman 

Tilly (Mother)

Cotton (Father)

First Appearance  Living Among the Dead
Status Unknown
Series lifespan Issue 1 - ?
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Hank Hill a character in the story Living Among the Dead.


Hank Hill at a young age wanted to sell propane and propane accessories. His dream then became a reality when he started to sell propane at Strickland Propane . He then became Boss of the store and has two workers, John Tanner and Octavio


Living Among the Dead

Hank Hill is the First person to be attack in Living Among the Dead. His left arm was then bitten by a walker. With fast thinking Octavio cut his arm off to stop the infection. It is unknown if it has worked or not.

Killed Victms



  • It is Hank Hill from King of the Hill.
  • He is the first one to be bitten by a walker
    • It is Unknown it has worked or not.

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