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  • Tyson Jones
  • Michael McCain
  • Edward Gould
  • Vincent Williams
  • Noah McCain


  • Marshall Waynes
  • Douglas Seagrave


  • Billy Hilliard


After Hours of fighting Michael and Tyson ran to the train station they saw a group of pepole

"Uncle Mike?" the kid said "NOAH!" Michael ran and hugged Noah

"Noah,I want you to meet Tyson Jones,the guy who helped me." "I see you have a group Noah" Tyson said

"yeah,Noah was here alone as i found him,im Vincent Williams,last cop standing here."

"Im Edward" the guy on the right said

"the rest of the group are Douglas Seagrave and Billy and-" Noah said "im Marshall,and I can say my name alone kid"

"now,what do we do?" Michael asked

"I think we should go on that train." Tyson said "that sounds like a good idea" Edward said

"no one asked you" Michael said "you just did!" Edd answered

"don't get smart with me or I will-" "SHUT UP!,WE NEED TO THINK LIKE A TEAM!" Vincent said

"we are not a team,im the US general,I need to go to DC so i would save the day."

Tyson pulled a glock 17 and aimed it at Michael "listen,if I shot you we WILL go to that train to anywhere we want,to Cleaveland,to Macon,to Washington,you know why?,becouse we don't have YOU to make hard time!"

zombies broke in and everybody fought them

"they bit me!" Billy yelled as he got devoured by the zombies

"DAMMIT" Douglas said

"TO THE TRAIN" Tyson said "come on,lets go!" Vincent said.

The group got to the train

"whats now?" Douglas asked

"next stop,Cleaveland." Tyson said.


  • Billy Hilliard

First Appearance of

  • Noah McCain
  • Vincent Williams
  • Douglas Seagrave
  • Eddward Gould
  • Marshall Waynes
  • Billy Hilliard


  • This is the first Issue to have all the main characters of it.

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