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  • Tyson Jones
  • Michael McCain
  • Vincent Williams
  • Eddward Gould
  • Joe Blake
  • Treyson Niles
  • Wesley Greene


  • Bernard York
  • Noah McCain
  • Douglas Seagrave
  • Ethan Schrader
  • Emily Campman


  • Shawn Pinkman


"Ahhhh" someone yelled

"they bit him" Tyson said

1 hour ago

"Boston was my home town,you know." Tyson said "really?" Eddward asked "I came from London"

"and I don't care" Michael said "well the 3 of us are looking for supplies,so you will look over there and we look in the right." Tyson said

"great Idea" Michael said


"Michael,you HAVE to let me chop your arm off!" Tyson said "You have a nephew!,what will we tell him?" Eddward asked

"that he should shot the annoying Idiot from England!" Michael sarcasticly said

"screw this,im not helping him,you can turn if you want to." Edward said "you're right!" Tyson said and they left Michael in the drugstore

after coming back from the supplie run they saw everybody there

"where is my uncle?" Noah asked

"he didn't make it" Tyson said

Noah didn't show so much crying on that but Tyson didn't got involved.

"Did he act like an asshole?" Vincent asked "I bet he did" Treyson said

"he did,right Edward?" "yeah,he said you should shot me becouse im from London!"

"ahhhhh" Shawn said yelling from his place "A HERD IS COMING IN A FEW DAYS"

"where is Emily?"


  • Michael McCain

First Appearance of

  • Nobody


  • Michael McCain is the first main character to die and effect the story with it.

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