@ - Does not appear

@@ - No Lines


  • Tyson Jones
  • Vincent Williams
  • Edward Gould
  • Joe Blake
  • Emily Campman
  • Trevor Boyd
  • Matthew Greenman@
  • Don Wells


  • David Chase@
  • Craig Dunlap
  • Douglas Seagrave@
  • Noah McCain@
  • Bernard York@@
  • Wesley Greene@@
  • Linda Peterson
  • Richard
  • Ethan Schrader@@
  • Ben@


  • Christa@
  • Shawn Pinkman@@
  • Bart@@
  • Carl@@


"Im Don Wells,you're Tyson right?" "yeah,I am"

"AHH,he bit me!" Edward said "I need to buy you guys time"

"no Its madness,don't do it" Vincent said "he's right,you can't do that" Trevor said

Edward ran to the herd getting bitten in the face.

"they got Douglas,Ben and Shawn" Vincent said

The group saw Joe beating up Bernard as Bart stabbed him in the head

"NO!" Vincent yelled as he shot Bart in the neck

Tyson saw Bernard crawling and he shot him in the back,letting him turn with Bart

"where is Christa?" Trevor asked "I don't know" Tyson said

Ethan sniped Carl in the Neck as Tyson,Vincent,Don and Trevor were escaping

"where is David?" Tyson asked

David was running with a woman

"you're name is?" "Linda Peterson"

"look,a truck!" David said

they got to the truck and drove off

the group was fighting zombies as a zombified Craig Dunlap walked to them

Tyson stabbed him in the head as he saw Wesley running and shot him in the head.

they saw a guy holding a bottle at a diner

"Im Richard,I found the cure for the apocalypse and a way to destroy all the zombies,im going to live happy"

"can you share?" Vincent asked him "f*ck no!" Richard answered

"screw you Idiot" Trevor said and he shot him in the head.

after the used the cures the zombies turned into dust.

the survivors were Tyson,Vincent,Trevor and Don.

"they are...gone" Tyson said

"lets keep moving" Trevor said

"guys,I need some time alone,lets meet up at the Pine tree hotel at Cleavland,Okay?" Vincent said

"sure buddy" Tyson said


  • Edward Gould
  • Joe Blake
  • Bernard York (alive)
  • Bart (alive)
  • Carl (alive)
  • Craig Dunlap (alive and zombified)
  • Richard
  • Wesley Greene
  • Shawn Pinkman (confirmed fate)
  • Douglas Seagrave (Confirmed fate)

First Appearance of

  • Don Wells
  • Linda Peterson
  • Richard


  • Eddward and Joe are the 3rd and 4th Main characters to die.
  • The main antagonist was Bernard since the wiki readers wanted him to die.

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