Episode 2: Bridge Chaos


Nathan and Daniel must face against the Mackinaw Bridge Bandits in order to move to the lower peninsula of Michigan.


Daniel begins to head towards the bridge just as Winston/Rosalie stays behind as Nathan watches over him/her.

Rosalie begins to attempt suicide, but Nathan grabs the gun from her. "Work with us. Your 'friends' are bad people. You can change." Nathan says to Rosalie. "Fine." Rosalie says to Nathan.

Winston begins to collect Rosalie's pistol and supply bag. "Let's get going, Winston." Nathan says to Winston. "Alright. I got it." Winston says to Nathan.

Daniel begins to shoot at York just as a zombie grabs him just before Winston/Rosalie shoots the zombie in the head. "Thanks." Daniel says to Winston/Rosalie just as the three survivors moves onto the bridge. Nathan shoots York in the head just as Daniel shoots Freddy in the leg. "Oh fuck!!!" Freddy yells at himself just as he begins to put pressure on his leg wound.

Nathan begins to grab York's sniper just as a female bandit attempts to stab Nathan, but a hooded survivor snipes Reeves in the head. "Headshot!!!" Christian yells for the others. "Christian! It's me! Your brother!!!" Daniel yells for Christian. "Looks like you all could use our help." Sylvia says to the three. "Yes. We did." Nathan says to Sylvia. Winston/Rosalie begins to walk towards Sylvia. "Christian, take your brother and one of the others back to the campground with you." Derek says to Christian.

Nathan begins to move down the bridge alongside Derek, Porter, Terry, Finn, and the Jackson Family. "We shouldn't have brought our sons, Sylvia." Greg says to Sylvia just as he's sniped in the head by the leader of the bandits. "You killed some of my members, you lose at least one!!!" Morley yells at the survivors. "You decide whether I go forward or if Derek does." Porter says to Nathan.

Choice 1: Who Should Nathan Ask To Move Forward?

Derek begins to move forward just as he accidentally steps on a land mine just as he explodes. "No!!!" Porter yells for Derek just as he shoots Freddy in the head in anger.

Porter begins to disarm the land mine just as Morley shoots him in the head just as Derek manages to avenge Porter quickly. "Dead bastard he was." Derek says to the others about Morley.

Nathan and the others begins to look as the other bandits begins to run away. "As much as I think we should avenge Greg, we should conserve our ammo." Finn says to the others.

Christian begins to contact Sylvia to inform her that Rosalie attempted to kill both him and Daniel, but that he had to kill her.

Christian begins to contact Sylvia to inform her that Winston has found a unique weapon on the side of the road.

Nathan and the others begins to arrive at the campground. "My father owns the campground, and he has made it as a community for only the good people." Terry says to Nathan.

Morley begins to arrive just as Sylvia aims at him. "I came to tell you all that there's a supply truck for your community to take. I've killed the rest of my group so you can just do whatever you want to me." Morley says to the others just as Nathan shoots him in the chest. "I'll lead his reanimated corpse away." Nathan says to the others.

Freddy begins to arrive just as Nathan looks at him in shock. "I kill my old group members. They were deciding to try to leave me behind for dead. I'm willing to change, and I'm a loyal man." Freddy says to Nathan. "Fine. You can live." Nathan says to Freddy.


(Italicized - Doesn't Appear/Bold - No Line OR Flashback OR Hallucination)

Main Cast

  • Nathan DeVries
  • Daniel Cooper
  • Sylvia Jackson
  • Ashton Romero
  • Derek Chandlers
  • Tina Ross
  • Porter Anderson

Supporting Cast

  • Christian Cooper
  • Terry Dunn
  • Greg Jackson
  • Manning Jackson
  • Charlie Jackson
  • Finn Johnson
  • Winston (Determinant)
  • Morley
  • Rosalie (Determinant)
  • York
  • Freddy


  • Troy
  • Kevin
  • Reeves
  • Collins
  • Marcus
  • Gustavo


  • York
  • Reeves
  • Greg Jackson
  • Derek Chandlers (Determinant)
  • Freddy (Determinant)
  • Porter Anderson (Determinant)
  • Rosalie (Confirmed Fate, Determinant)
  • Troy (Confirmed Fate)
  • Kevin (Confirmed Fate)
  • Collins (Confirmed Fate)
  • Marcus (Confirmed Fate)
  • Gustavo (Confirmed Fate)
  • Morley (Alive)

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