Episode 6: The Hard Choice


Nathan and the others begins to plan their next move just as the group begins to deal with a problem with regards to a small gang camped within a gun store just as Nathan must make an ultimate decision that will forever shape him.


If Cletus Survived Episode 1

Nathan stands behind Warner just as Warner begins to aim at the zombified Steph. "Do you want me to put him down?" Nathan asks Warner. "Yes." Warner answers to Nathan. Nathan begins to grab Warner's pistol, and proceeds to shot the zombified Steph in the head.

Nathan and Warner begins to arrive at a small camp just as Sylvia begins to walk up to Nathan before hugging him. "Thank god that you're alright." Sylvia says to Nathan. "What's the next plan?" Dwight asks Nathan. "We're going to have half of us stay here while the rest of us goes to look for a place and to make sure that it'll be a safe place until we travel to the farm that Earl ended up moving to." Nathan answers to Dwight. "If we're going to have to deal with that asshole, then me and my buddy are better off on our own." Mulligan says to Nathan. "I hated that fucking coward." AJ says to Nathan just as he and Mulligan begins to walk away. "Looks like we're going all together." Nathan says to the others.

If Freddy Survived Episode 2

Freddy begins to walk towards Nathan. "I will not fail you, Nathan. I still feel like that I owe you." Freddy says to Nathan. "You're good, Freddy." Nathan says to Freddy.

Nathan and the others begins to arrive at a small restaurant just as four armed survivors begins to arrive. "Can we join your group?" Darece asks Nathan. "Sure, but you all better not turn against any of us." Nathan answers to Darece. "Thanks, man." Clements says to Nathan just as he begins to place his sleeping bag onto the ground, and pulls out a small journal. "Is this going to be the camp?" Dwight asks Nathan. "Yes." Nathan answers to Dwight. "I hope that you folks aren't like Booth and Rudge's Gang. They took the four of us in, and they treated us like complete shit." Wilma says to the others. "I'm sure that they're civilized people, Wilma." Darece says to Wilma. "They better be, Darece." Zachariah says to Darece.

Nathan begins to walk towards a small store just as he spots a pale Sylvia laying on the ground. "Sylvia, what happened?" Nathan asks Sylvia just as she reveals a zombie bite under her shirt. "A fucking zombie got me." Sylvia answers to Nathan.

Nathan begins to have a flashback of Sylvia and Daniel. "I hope that we can live in peace in the Dunn Family Campground Community." Daniel says to the two. "I'm sure that you will." Sylvia says to Daniel.

Nathan begins to cry just as Sylvia slowly die in his arms. "I'd wish to roam as a zombie for my children to have a feel that I'm dead. If you put me down, just don't let my kids see my corpse." Sylvia says to Nathan.

Choice 1: Should Nathan put Sylvia down, let her turn, or have her put herself down?"

Nathan pulls out his knife, and stabs Sylvia in the head. Nathan begins to cry just as he begins to walk out of the store with Sylvia's supplies.

Nathan begins to take Sylvia's supply bag just as he drags her into a closet. Just as she dies and begins to reanimate, he shuts the door, and begins to chain the door up, and begins to cry as he walks away from the store.

"You should put yourself down. You got yourself into this mess." Nathan says to Sylvia. "Fine." Sylvia says to Nathan. Sylvia begins to grab a rusty pistol from the ground just as Nathan grabs her supply bag. As he walks away from the store, he hears the gunshot coming from within the store. Nathan begins to cry, but begins to walk away faster just as he spots several zombies beginning to head towards the store.

Nathan wakes up in the morning just as Manning and Charlie begins to walk towards him. "Where's our mother?" Manning asks Nathan. "She died from a zombie last night. She wants me to take care of you and Charlie." Nathan answers to Manning. Manning and Charlie begins to cry just as Dwight and the others begins to arrive. "Darece, I'm instructing you and Warner to watch over the camp. Me and Dwight are going to confront Booth and Rudge on their bad treatment towards you and your friends." Nathan says to Darece. "I'll have Wilma and Zachariah stay here with the others. Me and Clements are coming with you two." Darece says to Nathan.

Nathan, Dwight, Darece, and Clements begins to walk towards the gun store just as Nathan spots several zombies appearing to be trapped on spikes. Nathan looks as one of the zombies is revealed to be Xavier. "Holy shit. Xavier is dead?" Dwight asks Nathan. "Yes." Nathan answers to Dwight.

If Butch Survived Episode 5

Butch begins to walk towards the survivors. Dwight begins to aim at Butch. "Hold your fire, Dwight. He might be on our side." Nathan says to Dwight. "I'm definitely on your side, Nathan." Butch says to Nathan.

Nathan and the others begins to walk towards the gun store just as Clements is shot in the shoulder. "Fuck! I've been shot!!!" Clements yells for the others. "Scram, Darece." Booth says to Darece. "Looks like we might have a gunfight going on now." Rudge says to Booth. "Everyone! Get ready for a fight!!!" Booth yells for the others.

Butch gets shot in the head by Booth just as Dwight shoots Rudge in the head. Clements begins to pull out his pistol, and kills himself out of mercy. Darece begins to look at Clements in shock. "Fuck." Darece says to himself.

Clements gets shot in the head by Rudge just as Darece shoots Booth in the head.

Booth/Rudge begins to run into the gun store just as the other gang members begins to shoot at Nathan and the others.

Nathan begins to run towards a warehouse alongside Dwight and Darece just as they hear a knocking sound coming from the darkness. "What happened to the camp that my father originally led?" Terry asks Nathan. "Xavier and his men destroyed it, but Xavier is dead while I'm alive." Nathan answers to Terry. "Come out of the dark." Dwight says to Terry.


(Italicized - Doesn't Appear/Bold - No Line OR Flashback OR Hallucination)

Main Cast

  • Nathan DeVries
  • Sylvia Jackson
  • Dwight Brown
  • Daniel Cooper

Supporting Cast

  • Manning Jackson
  • Charlie Jackson
  • Terry Dunn (Voice Only)
  • Freddy (Determinant)
  • Butch Higgins (Determinant)
  • Mulligan Rivera
  • AJ Ward
  • Darece
  • Clements
  • Wilma
  • Zachariah
  • Booth
  • Rudge


  • Warner
  • Wallace
  • Lori
  • Oberson
  • Sebastian


  • Steph (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Sylvia Jackson (Alive, Determinant)
  • Butch Higgins (Determinant)
  • Rudge (Determinant)
  • Clements
  • Booth (Determinant)

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