Episode 9: Love Birds


3 months after moving to the farm, Nathan and the others continues to have a strong alliance with the Warren Family just as six mysterious newcomers begins to make problems increase for Nathan and his friends.


Nathan begins to walk down a road just as he spots Maxwell and his group sitting within a small restaurant just as Alicia, Terry, and Bella begins to follow him. "I don't trust them." Nathan says to Alicia. "We could use them to help our farm out." Alicia says to Nathan. Nathan begins to open the restaurant's front doors just as Maxwell and the others begins to look at him. "What do you all want?" Maxwell asks the others. "We want you and your friends to join us at our farm." Terry answers to Maxwell. Maxwell begins to smirk at his fellow survivors. "We'll go." Maxwell says to Terry.

If Freddy Survived Episode 2

Nathan and the others spots him reading a book outside of a store on their way back to the farm. "Freddy?" Nathan asks Freddy. "I'm here. I thought that we'd be separated for good. I wanted to move on, and try to find somewhere else to go." Freddy answers to Nathan. "Well, you're stuck with us." Terry says to Freddy.

Nathan and the others begins to arrive at the Warren Family Farm just as Chris begins to open the gate. "Looks like you found some people to join us." Chris says to Alicia. "Yeah.....we did." Alicia says to Chris. "You got a nice farm." Hannah says to Alicia. "Yeah. It's been a part of my family for over 100 years." Alicia says to Hannah. "Who's the leader of this place?" Dominic asks Alicia. "We're a democracy." Alicia answers to Dominic. "No leadership can lead to chaos, just to let you know." Maxwell says to Alicia. "For once, I'm siding with an outsider on that." Nathan says to Maxwell. Maxwell smiles at Nathan.

Later in the day, Nathan begins to look as Manning and Charlie begin to sleep in their separate beds. "They're safe here." Billy says to Nathan. "I know. I'm not sure that your sister, Alicia, made the right choice to invite Maxwell and his group here. Something doesn't seem right with him and his group." Nathan says to Billy. "Like my daughter said, it's a democracy." Ludwig says to Nathan.

If Freddy Survived Episode 2

"And plus, Alicia allowed your old friend here. If we were to kick Maxwell and his group out, then your friend Freddy would also have to go." Ludwig says to Nathan.

"Fine." Nathan says to Ludwig just before leaving the large barn.

Nathan begins to walk towards Dwight. "How are you liking this place?" Dwight asks Nathan. "To me, something isn't right here." Nathan answers to Dwight.

Nathan begins to walk towards an outhouse just as he finds a bloody knife on the ground. Nathan begins to pick it up just before a flashlight begins to flash at himself. "You killed one of our cows, and left it to rot." Chris says to Nathan just as Alicia, Ludwig, and Billy begins to arrive. "You better get ready to pack your shit up." Ludwig says to Nathan. "If he's leaving, then we'll be leaving here." Earl says to Ludwig just as he, Manning, Charlie, Terry, Warner, and Darece arrives. "We'll think it over." Alicia says to Earl. "If Nathan leaves at all, we're going with him." Manning says to Alicia. "Are you sure?" Charlie asks Manning. Manning doesn't reply to Charlie just as the survivors begins to disperse.

As the morning begins to shine over the farm, Nathan begins to look as Manning and Charlie aren't in their bed. "What the fuck?" Nathan asks himself.

Nathan finds Manning and Charlie getting devoured by zombies as he begins to go on guard duty. Nathan begins to shoot the zombies with his silenced pistol just as he finds that Manning and Charlie were already murdered. Nathan spots a note on the gate of Manning and Charlie's admission to killing the cow.

Nathan spots a note on the gate of Manning and Charlie's farewell just as they admit to killing the cow.

Nathan begins to hand the letter to Ludwig. "I didn't kill your cow." Nathan says to Ludwig. "I'm sorry for last night then." Ludwig says to Nathan just as Nathan punches him in the face. "You could've had me exiled." Nathan says to Ludwig just as Maxwell knocks Nathan out just as he hits Nathan in the head with a lead pipe.

Nathan wakes up in the back of a truck just as Alicia, Chris, Terry, Freddy(Determinant), Warner, Darece, Jenna, and Bailey begins to appear to be within the large truck. "We're going to try to find medical supplies, since Maxwell accidentally injured you to calm you down." Dwight says to Nathan. "I think that he did it on purpose." Nathan says to Dwight just as he looks as Maxwell appears in the back of the truck. "I didn't do it on purpose. I just have one hell of an arm." Maxwell says to Nathan. "What was your job before the apocalypse?" Nathan asks Maxwell. "FEMA scientist. I was the leading man that had you and your friends locked up at that facility. I've decided to try to work to earn forgiveness. Secrets do not last long." Maxwell answers to Nathan. "You're lucky that the others within the truck can't hear what you said, Maxwell." Dwight says to Maxwell just as he and Nathan looks at Maxwell in anger. "Once we get back to the farm, you better prove your loyalty to me and only me." Nathan says to Maxwell. "Fine." Maxwell says to Nathan. "Are we going to tell the others about his involvement in that facility incident?" Dwight asks Nathan. "Not yet." Nathan answers to Dwight.


(Italicized - Doesn't Appear/Bold - No Line OR Flashback OR Hallucination)

Main Cast

  • Nathan DeVries
  • Dwight Brown
  • Manning Jackson
  • Charlie Jackson
  • Earl Dunn
  • Terry Dunn
  • Freddy (Determinant)
  • Warner
  • Darece
  • Ludwig Warren
  • Alicia Warren
  • Maxwell Shepard

Supporting Cast

  • Chris Warren
  • Billy Warren
  • Hannah
  • Dominic


  • Bella Warren
  • Jenna Warren
  • Bailey Warren
  • Johnny
  • Jones
  • Kyle
  • Rubio


  • Unnamed Cow (Confirmed Fate)
  • Manning Jackson (Determinant)
  • Charlie Jackson (Determinant)

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