Jody McElfish (born January 16, 1960) is the main protagonist of Disaster Waiting To Happen.


Jody was born with a father that was a underground crime lord and a mother that was slowly dying from brain cancer. When he was less than a year old, his mother died, and his father left the life of crime to take care of his son. He grew up with his father, step-mother, and 3 half-sisters. Jody began to go to college just as an old rival of his father's shot him in the head, which placed Jody in a 6-year long coma. Jody came into the coma as a kind and respectful person, but came out of the coma as a cold-hearted and disrespectful man. He fell into his father's old gang, and soon rose up to be the next crime lord of the gang. His father found out about it, and attempted to have his son leave it, but Jody personally killed his father out of rage. Jody's personality that he once had became completely destroyed as he lit a public building with over 700 people on fire, which out of the 700 people that only 63 managed to escape the flames. Jody, at the age of 30 years old, began to have a polygamous relationship with 3 women, one being the estranged daughter of his rival. Jody grew protective over his family, and in 1995 at the age of 35, he had a total of 7 children. He began to recover his thoughts before the coma, and soon left his gang to return to college to go into politics. In the year 2000 at age 40, he decided to run for president, but failed to get on the ballot for the republican party. He was chosen to be the running mate, but he rejected it. Soon after, he feel back into his old gang, and they began to run things like the old mob from the 1920s and 1930s. By the year 2010, all 7 of his children decided to join the gang, and the gang moved from Compton to Chicago just before in 2020 becoming a part of the Chicago Outfit. In the year 2021, a massive gunfight occurred, which killed two of his children and almost of the members on both sides. Jody surrendered to the police, but the FBI instead made him an offer that he can remain free if they tell them about the current locations of his allies. He quickly told, and took up a false persona, and lived in Boston until the apocalypse start in 2024.



Killed Victims

  • TBA


Note: bolded names = disowned family members

  • Wife #1 (Brittany) (1962-2009)
    • Jody II (1990-present) [married to Catherine Grover (1984-2013)/Helena Wright (1993-2021)]
      • Juan III (2007-present) [with Catherine]
      • Drake (2009-present) ^
      • Jessie (2011-2013) ^
      • Keith (2013-2013) ^
      • Nathaniel (2015-present) [with Helena]
      • Curtis (2019-present) ^
      • Julian (2021-present) ^
    • Kate (1991-present) [married to Tamara Cutler (1993-2021)]
  • Wife #2 (Martha) (1956-2013)
    • Louis (1990-2021)
    • Andrew (1992-2021)
  • Wife #3 (Anna) (1949-2001)
    • Don (1990-present) [married to Felisha Carter (1992-present)]
      • Franklin (2008-present)
      • Donovan (2009-2012)
      • Marco (2011-present)
    • Jared (1993-present) [married to Lia Mayes (1997-present)]
      • Jeremy (2019-present)
      • Kitchka (2021-present)
      • Lucas (2021-present)
    • Wyatt (1995-present) [married to Thomas Lincoln (1998-present)]

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