I wake up screaming, thank god it was only a dream. I curiously reach my left hand up to my face to feel the imaginary damage. My face is warm and wet, and that is when my nerves sent the signal to my brain. Overwhelming pain takes a hold of my body with a grip I have not since felt. I grab the closest thing I can find to a mirror, a small locket worn around my neck and gaze at the absence of my face. It looked like shredded pork covered in Louisiana style barbeque sauce, one of my favorite meals before the outbreak. Although delicious, I don't think I would be able to remove the association between it and my face if given the opportunity to eat it again. This was not a dream. How long had I been asleep for? It could have been days, time has little meaning in our new world. Was I even alive? I was bitten, mauled. How come I had not turned?

I spent the next month held up in a small shack on the outskirts of an old mining town. There were no supplies left, the war against the undead had been raging too long. Since the humans have for all intents and purposes died out, nature sorted herself out and the natural world was thriving. I raided honeybee nests for the delicious and antiseptic honey contained within. What were a few bee stings when I had only half a face and a shredded arm? It did not take long for my severe wounds to heal, especially with the lack of proper medical attention. As the days passed I felt myself becoming stronger, sustaining myself on small trapped game and honey.

The time in that shack was wonderful for thought. I have a theory on why I have not died. I am the new breed of human. When the black plague ravished Europe, some were not affected by the deadly plague. They had been granted an immunity for one reason or another. Maybe it was a divine intervention perhaps, I do not know. It is almost as if I have taken on the best parts of humanity. I am sentient, I have freewill, the ability to heal wounds, and I have compassion. It is also as if I have been granted the good aspects of the undead. I am near invulnerable now, immune to the bite of the walker, and able to blend in with the horde. They no longer bother me now, but I can still hear them bumping into the walls of the shack on occasion. I must not waste away and die in this shack. If there are any more like me, we must rebuild this new humanity.


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