Previously on Last Smile Around

Mike found a radio 

we took the supplise and ran but a walker grabbed Billy and pulled him down

i shot the walker and grabbed Billy's hand

(your choise) I pulled Billy up abd we ran out of the hospital

i woke up and mike was gone

i went outside of the house and i heard a noise i the trash can

i pulled up my Jacket's sleeves and digged in the trash can

it was a walker, HE BIT ME

"Sarah?,what are you doing here?" Jacob said when the group came out of the house

"mike is gone,I need help to find him"

"where can he be?"

"Back at andrew's camp i heard dan and his girlfriend talking about the other bandit camp and i need help to get there"

"why?" Jimmy asked and i showed them the bite

"HOLY S@@T" Jacob yelled

(Your chose) everybody came with me


we went to the jewlery store (the second bandit camp)

it was abandoned and walkers showed up and i fainted

-??? Later-

i woke up and i saw jacob starting to cut my hand

"NO" i said and he stopped

"i need both of my arms to find mike!"

"well lets get out of here" Jimmy said

we went back to the house and then a second radio that was there made a noise

"Sis? Sis? its me mike, im at the mapel hotel,oh no!" that was mike

"Hotel?,really that guy kidnapped an 8 year old to an hotel?, guys lets go there we can-

walkers broke in before jacob finished talking

we went to the attic and from there to the roof and we jumped

Billy didn't make it and he fell on the balcony,that fell with him and got broke

a peace of it got deep in his stomeck and he needed medical help

Jacob tried to saved him he failed and shot him and he was trapped

i dont know if he is alive

I was mad and blamed the guy on the radio for this

Jimmy died to but he was left to reanimate

Doug disappeared to a herd of walkers

the only one left for mike is shawn we got seperated and i told him to meet me and mike near the train station

and i got into the hotel

i got into the room mike was held in

i met the guy.

his name was Robbie

"Do you know me" he asked and i said no

"do you remember the house in atlanta?"

i was shocked, that kid is from atlanta?, i never saw him and he is my age!

"listen to me,and listen to what that happend to me" he said

"when it started,that guy Harold King told everybody to stay in atlanta so we stayed in a hotel that he said was safe,it wasn't and becouse of him,they DIED and i went back to my house just to find out walkers got there becouse of you!,that as@@ole in the blue hat,his stupid fu@king friend!,becouse off you all that happend so i took my radio and got out of there,then i met him,your brother Mike,you are not responsible when it comes to protect him!,you left him with a psychopath,you got him a hostage to a crazy weirdo!,you left a girl to die becouse of a pretty boy,listen to me,i can take care of him,protect him and teach him how to survive."

"you are not touching him!" i said

mike got out of the bathroom and since i had to surender my weapons mike took the gun and shot him in the shoulder

and i choked him to death and left him to turn

we went to the drugstore and i told him i was bit

and i told him to leave me to turn and that he need to meet shawn at the train station and told him goodbye


writer- ABirARbel11



  • First(and last) appearance of Robbie
  • Last appearance of Sarah
  • Last appearance of Jimmy
  • Last appearance of Billy
  • Harold King is a minor character at Legos Of The Dead
  • special thanks to TWDFan360
  • This episode is the only episode that have no choices

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