Legos Of The Dead is a story written by TWDFan630. These lego characters and zombies are not his legos.


Survivors must take down all of the zombies and plan to rebuild the ruins of America.


Season 1/Days Gone Bye

Season 2/Fear The Killers

Season 3/Chances Ahead

Season 4/The Chosen Ones

Characters(Spoiler Alert!!!)

Ewan's Group

Camp Survivors

Edmond and Sammie's Family

Butch's Family

Hans' Group

Glenn and Marian's Family

Shane's Group

Ben and Billy's Group

Jack's Group

Benkert's Crew

Wilkinson Family

US Military Personal

Richie's Gang

The Killers

Bill and Barbara's Family

Northeast Colony

Wilson Family

Edgar's Family

Derek and Allison's Family

The Hunters

Hanks Family

Hagen Family

John and Lily's Family

Lia's Group

Taggart's Crew

Misc. Survivors

Mentioned Characters

Williams Family


  • This Story Wasn't planned before he began to have thoughts of legos.
  • This story will be similar to many lego walking dead series videos and lego zombie apocalypse survival videos on youtube.

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