Episode 1

Me and my group escapes from the burning hotel as zombies starts heading towards it. As I arrived at the main street; I saw Harold King, the town's sheriff, getting surrounded by zombies. "Hey! Help Me! Help Me!!!" As me and my group checks our ammo, we realize that it's too late. Harold is dead, and we failed to save him. "No hard feelings. We're alive, we're surviving. Let's get going before the zombies finds us."

As we walked down a dirt road, we discovered a camp. "Hey Survivors. Who are you all?" I had a sense to not trust this survivor, but my group and I told this survivor who we were. "I'm Pete Hogan, the watchguard for the camp. The leader is Butch, but I try to claim leadership. Let's get into the camp." We walked towards to RV, where Pete greets us to the survivors there. I had a feeling that something bad will happen, sooner or later. "Why don't you all unpack your supplies? We have spare tents for you all."

As I walked to my ten; Emily, Butch's daughter, begins to question me about my past. "Who were you before this apocalypse?" I looked at Emily's eyes. "I was an author in Ireland." I told the truth as simple as possible. It was true that I was born in Ireland. I was an author for over 15 years. I'm only 35 years old. My books that I wrote got sold to my fans and readers, and I was finally able to pay for a flight to the US. "Ewan, we need you out here for a meeting."

I arrived, and saw Butch and Pete arguing. "Who are you gonna side with? Butch, who want to find more survivors; or Pete, who want more supplies?"



  • Harold King


  • First appearance of Ewan Boyd.
  • First appearance of Nash Herrings.
  • First appearance of Tommy Tanner.
  • First appearance of Pete Hogan.
  • First appearance of Butch Taylor.
  • First appearance of Emily Taylor.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Harold King.
  • This is the first episode of Legos Of The Dead.
  • This is the first episode to kill off a survivor.

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