Episode 13

I woke up on top of a bus, and I realized that I was alone. I looked down with a flashlight, and there was a lot of zombies crowding the bus. I looked next to me, and I found a needle with some type of liquid in it. There's a note next to it, saying, "Take it. It'll enable you to see it the dark forever. Take it before it expires by morning and it's your cure against a virus that I've putted in you. Inject it, and you'll be saved from the new virus that'll make your body turn to ash when the sun is out in the morning. Choose your plans wisely. Trust me. Go to the train station a mile away, and I'll have another note for you to read. Remember, if you're in a house during the day without you taking the needle, you'll live. You're a human vampire. Adios..."

I grabbed the needle, and injected the cure of vampirism. "I can't feel pain!!!" My skin started to return to normal. I realize that The Hunters are gonna kill the rest of my group.

As I go to the train station, I see Omar wondering aimlessly. "Get away from me!!!" Omar runs away from me. I see that he's gone crazy. I picked up the pipe from the ground, and I chased after him. As I made it to him, he aimed a gun at me. "I'm sorry." Omar shoots himself as I tried to take the gun away from him. "Dammit..." I looked in his pocket, and I grabbed the paper. "Test your abilities. Three of us are gonna shoot at you. If you survive, we give you Jack back." I look up, then shots are shot at me, none hitted me. I manage to find the shooters, killing two of them, while one of them fled. After I caught up with him, I saw Jack pushing him towards a zombie, having the survivor die from the fatal bite. I grabbed Jack, and the two of us ran back into the woods.




  • Omar Jenkins
  • Chelsea Hanks
  • Vincent Hagen
  • Will Hagen


  • Last appearance of Omar Jenkins.
  • Last appearance of Chelsea Hanks.
  • Last appearance of Vincent Hagen.
  • Last appearance of Will Hagen.
  • This is the first episode to have a super power be potential.
  • This is the first episode to have vampirism occur.

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