Episode 14

After I ran all night long, carrying Jack. I realized that there was no danger nearby. I realized that I have a super speed abilities that came with the cure. It day, and I realize that the cure helped me. "How did I become a vampire? At least the cure worked." "Maybe, Riley Hanks, The Hunters' leader, is a vampire himself." "This is a myth that I've realized was true after all." Jack spots ann unnarmed woman walking up to the two. "Who are you?" "I'm Lia Jones. I have a small group nearby living in a cabin. I was looking for some help. Zombies broke in." "Is this a trap?" "No! My group might be dead!!!" The woman starts crying, but I gave her a hug. "Thanks..." "Let's go save your group."

Me and Jack followed Lia, and she entered the cabin, and realized that one of her fellow group members was bit in the neck. "Lia, we tried to make sure no one got hurt." "Lia, could I put him down after you and your group say your goodbyes to him?" "Sure. Maybe, me and my group could join up with you." "How about we stay here? There's a bad group out there." "Who?" "The Hunters. They ate my friend, and they caused my other friend towards suicide. Jack here is my adoptive son. His parents' fates are unknown, but his aunt and uncle took care of him until they died from hostiles. Jack is tougher than you think. He killed two enemy leaders. Two! He's one hell of a sniper and supply runner." Jack smiles at me. I realize that Lia is starting to have a crush on me. The group members said their goodbyes to Dakota, and I putted him down.

Me and Lia scouts the whole area. I began to also have a crush on her. "Lia, I need to confess to you about something. I....."



  • Dakota Carson


  • First appearance of Lia Jones.
  • First appearance of Jackson Neil.
  • First appearance of Taya Myers.
  • First appearance of Steven Glare.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Dakota Carson.
  • This episode is one of the author's most favorite episodes.
    • In this episode, he had a wish to have the main protagonist(Ewan Boyd) to start a relationship in the post-apocalyptic world.

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