Episode 18

I realize that I'm going to die from infection. I drove into the hotel where I formed my group of three. I gathered the supplies into the lobby. I left the hotel, and there was a zombie in front of me. The zombie grabs my left arm, but I push it off from me, and then I use the oxygen tank next to me, and I smashed the zombie's head into the ground. I begin the spread the guts onto my clothing. I walked into the herd, disguising myself into.

As I traveled in the herd, I realize they the zombies are going after me, since I looked at my arm, and discovered that I was bleeding again. "Fuck!!!!" The zombies started crowding me, which I was stuck on the side of a van. The zombies then began to devour me, killing me.




  • Ewan Boyd


  • Last appearance of Ewan Boyd.

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