Episode 3

I pulls out my lucky quarter, and it land with tails facing up. "Shane, let's go. We can't wait for you to walk slowly..." I saw as shane pulled out his rifle, and shot Tommy and Sammie, only killing Tommy. Pete fled to cover. I looked as Sammie was crawling away from everyone. I pulled out my pistol, and I saw as my gun fired to see Shane go from living to dead. I looked back at Sammie, who was bleeding severely. "Sammie!!!" I looked at Sammie. " husband.......that I've died saving......someone....." Sammie passes away. Pete grabs his gun, and he puts Sammie down.

I looked back at the corpse of Sammie while Pete walked into the nearby house for supplies, and I chose to look the opposite way. Pete got out, and he started to cough uncontrollably. I saw that he was getting pale. "You have to return to the others. I've been bitten." I looked at Pete's bite on his shoulder. "Let me turn. I want to be with my family again." I ran away from Pete, as he sits down on the bench.

As I've returned to the base, I've began to tell about what happened. Edmond began to cry with his nephew in their tent. Butch still was as grumpy as before, Nash became depressed. I felt sickened to let Pete turn. I walk to Butch's RV. "Butch, I need to ask you something. Who can I go on a trip to a community with?" "We all shall leave camp, and drive to a community that we find." The group left the camp, and I looked on the side of the roads, and saw a zombified Tommy. As we arrived at a smal campsite on the side of the road, we found two survivors. They confronted us, and I allowed them into the RV. "Where are you all going?" "We're...."



  • Tommy Tanner(Alive)
  • Shane Phillips
  • Sammie Williams
  • Pete Hogan(Alive)


  • First appearance of Edmond Williams.
  • First appearance of Jack Williams.
  • First appearance of Eisenhower Phillis.
  • First appearance of Reed Hughes.
  • First appearance of Ben Jacobs.
  • First appearance of Billy Greene.
  • Last appearance of Shane Phillips.
  • Last appearance of Sammie Williams.
  • Last appearance of Tommy Tanner.(Alive)
  • Last appearance of Pete Hogan.(Alive)

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