Episode 4

After I've told Ben and Billy about our plan, they agreed to come along with us. As we turned to the road near the highway, we found 5 survivors getting attacked by zombies. As we arrived it was too late to make sure none died, as there was a lone survivor mourning over the deaths. "Get in!!!" "No thanks." "Get In! We aren't gonna allow you to be alone after what happened to your group!!!" "I had more, but Big Billy, Hannah Rue Louis, and a few others left my group to head to Detroit. We're in Grand Rapids, right?" "Yeah." "Well, there's a friendly group nearby. It's Benkert's Crew. She's the leader of them. Maybe, they could join us...."

I saw as Butch aimed his shotgun at me. "You ain't inviting anymore...." Butch walks to the RV's entrance doorway as I looked and saw a zombie grab him. Emily tried to go outside, but Reed held her back. Eisenhower rushes outside, and he too falls victim. I got on the driver's seat, and drove away.

As we arrived at a gas station, we saw Benkert's Crew walking as bandits were holding them as hostages. "You all better go. We're in trouble with Richie's Gang. Jack, who are those people?" "They saved me. My group is dead." I saw, as Benkert becomes saddened. I looked at the men. I began to choose whether I should shoot at Richie's gang or be brave, and saved Benkert's Group.



  • 4 Survivors
  • Butch Taylor
  • Eisenhower Phillis


  • First appearance of Jack Adams.
  • First appearance of Benkert Wilkinson.
  • First appearance of Eric Wilkinson.
  • First appearance of Izzy Wilkinson.
  • First appearance of Buzz Jackson.
  • First appearance of Otis Bennett.
  • First appearance of Tyson Reese.
  • First appearance of Sgt. Tony Peterson.
  • First appearance of Richie Delgado.
  • First appearance of Allison Harper.
  • First appearance of Bob Nelson.
  • First appearance of Collins Denver.
  • First appearance of Conner Torrengio.
  • First appearance of Ellen Mitchell.
  • First appearance of Maximillian Voss.
  • First appearance of Harry McMiller.
  • First appearance of Richard Hoffman.
  • First appearance of Harrison Craig.
  • First appearance of Francis Cooper.
  • First appearance of Ricardo Mendez.
  • First mentions of Big Billy.
  • First mentions of Hannah Rue Louis.
  • Last appearance of Butch Taylor.
  • Last appearance of Eisenhower Phillis.


  • Jack Adams' starting name was originally Nathan DeVries, but was scrapped.

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