Episode 5

I aimed my rifle at Richie, but I ended up shooting through one of the men in the head, and the bullet went into Richie's chest, fatally wounding him. I saw as Benkert's Crew and the rest of my group running to the group's vehicles. I looked as Reed got shot in the head by Richie's sniper. I looked as the group began to give up. "We aren't gonna give up. We need to take the enemy down. I looked as Adam was bleeding from his head. "I've been shot in the ear. I'm fine." Me, Adam, Nash, Emily, and Edmond advance, and gunned down the remaining member of Richie's Gang.

As the group finally unpacked and settled at the Gas Station for 3 weeks, I discovered Izzy and Ben's corpses. I gathered the group for a group meeting. "Everyone now knows what happened to Ben and Izzy. They're dead, and the killer or killers are at large and at in this group. Confess and be exiled or wait and be executed. I looked and saw sweat coming from Buzz, Nash, and Emily. "You three, come here. One of you is the killer. Because of myself being a forensic investigator in the past, I know who is the killer due to the evidence." I aimed my gun at Emily. "Emily, you're......." I walked away from the group with Emily, and I pulled out my gun, and I shot my gun, seeing Emily's corpse fall to the ground.

I walked back to the ground, and I looked at Nash and Buzz. "Nash and Buzz, pack your shit. You all are going on your own. You both are exiled for assisting the murder of Ben and Izzy. Leave or Die!!!" I looked as Buzz and Izzy walked away from the group with no regrets. "I made the right choice. For justice."




  • Richie Delgado
  • Conner Torrengio
  • Richard Hoffman
  • Maximillian Voss
  • Harrison Craig
  • Harry McMiller
  • Ellen Mitchell
  • Allison Harper
  • Bob Nelson
  • Francis Cooper
  • Ricardo Mendez
  • Reed Hughes
  • Ben Jacobs
  • Izzy Wilkinson
  • Emily Taylor


  • Last appearance of Richie Delgado.
  • Last appearance of Conner Torrengio.
  • Last appearance of Richard Hoffman.
  • Last appearance of Maximillian Voss.
  • Last appearance of Harrison Craig.
  • Last appearance of Harry McMiller.
  • Last appearance of Ellen Mitchell.
  • Last appearance of Allison Harper.
  • Last appearance of Bob Nelson.
  • Last appearance of Francis Cooper.
  • Last appearance of Ricardo Mendez.
  • Last appearance of Reed Hughes.
  • Last appearance of Ben Jacobs.
  • Last appearance of Izzy Wilkinson.
  • Last appearance of Emily Taylor.
  • This is the first episode to not have a poll.
    • This is due to the way this episode ended.

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