Episode 7

I dropped my gun, as I knew it would be a death trap. I looked as Edmond looked at me. "It's not your fault. Tell Jack...." "Bill, execute him." I saw as Bill rushed past me, and slitted Edmond's throat. Adam looked in panic. A woman walks up to Bill, and slaps him in the face. "Bill, I need to discuss a private talk with you!!!" The woman walks away with Bill. "Adam, it was a death trap. If I've killed Glenn, The Killers would've killed all three of us." Me and Adam ran away, and hid inside of the bar, and we setted up our base for the 2 days.

After Day 2 was over, we returned to the group, and Tony aimed his rifle towards me. "You're a fool. You should've never got ambushed. You're a failure." "Well.....Tony, let me tell you something. I'm gonna exile you if you don't shut up. My leadership is better than your ideas." I walked towards Jack, and told him that his uncle Edmond died, and that I would be his guardian. "Hopefully, if you find your family, maybe you can find my older brothers, Timmy and Salazar." "I had a wife, but she turned. Her name was Susie. I had to put her down. I have two sons that I've looked for. They're Edgar and Samson. Edgar is in NYC, and Samson is in Canada. Samson was a criminal, and he fled to Canada, and I didn't think I would ever see him again. He's with The Killers. He's a high rank bandit. He saw me, and I saw him quietly crying. He knows that I'm...." Jack grabbed my gun, and shot Tony in his neck. Adam grabbed the gun from Jack. I looked at Tony, who was slowly dying. "That fucking kid saved your ass....I could've killed you..." Me and Adam tossed Tony into the basement to allow him to turn. "He deserves this."

I walked to Adam. "Did you have a family?" "Nope. I was in foster care my whole life until i graduate from high school, and the weeks before I could graduate from college with a bachelor's degree, the outbreak killed everyone in town except for me. My first zombified victim was Issac Mathers. I had a girlfriend from Dallas as a teenager. She was Cassie Horton. She's most likely alive due to her father's farm where I lost my virginity with her and where I ran away to from my foster parents who beatted me all the time. Her father was kind to me even though he caught me and his daughter in his bed. He helped have my foster parents in Dallas locked up in prison for 20 years. My life was the best in my teen years. I don't know if I have a child with Cassie or not."




  • Edmond Williams
  • Sgt. Tony Peterson(Alive)
  • Susie Boyd(Confirmed Fate)
  • Issac Mathers(Confirmed Fate)


  • First appearance of Bill Santos.
  • First appearance of Barbara Santos.
  • First appearance of Samson Boyd.
  • Last appearance of Edmond Williams.
  • Last appearance of Sgt. Tony Peterson.
  • First mentions of Susie Boyd.
  • First mentions of Edgar Boyd.
  • First mentions of Timmy Williams.
  • First mentions of Salazar Williams.
  • First mentions of Issac Mathers.
  • First mentions of Cassie Horton.
  • Ewan and Adam's starts of the apocalypse have been revealed.

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