Episode 8

I looked down the road as I saw my son running towards my group, bleeding. "Dad! I've been betrayed alongside others by The Master. Most of the Killers are killed by him and his inner circle. Barbara Santos, one of The Master's slaved wives, helped freed the prisoners, it';s unknown if she made it out alive. Same goes with Hank and Matt. Glenn Richards is the secondary leader of the Killers. The rest of us wants to join, even your old friend, Nash." I looked at Nash. "Sure. We'll take The Master and Glenn down for sure."

I advanced towards Fort Terror, the Killers' base, with Nash, Samson, Bill, and Henry. I looked as Glenn and another survivor were talking. "We'll kill Glenn then...." One of the Killers shot Henry and Bill in the head. The remaining three of us went towards cover. "They're too strong. We need more...." One of the men shot me in my arm, and as I saw Samson bandaging it, I saw the rest of the group arriving, but most of them ended up getting massacred before the first survivor made it to the cover. "Where's Benkert? Eric? Both Jacks?" I looked as Eric was in sadness. "Benkert was among the dead. Jack Adams is watching Jack Williams." "Eric, cover me!!!"

Me and Nash advanced toward the gates, and we broke in. I aimed my gun at Glenn and someone who I realize is Buzz. I quickly killed the two survivors, and we tried to advance, but as we got to the armory, we got ambushed. "Well....well.....well. Look who is here. The man who led a failed army against mine. Pathetic...." I spitted on The Master's face, then he kneed me in my stomach, causing myself to puke on the ground. "Get up!!!"

I looked as the Killers pulled Samson, Eric, Jack Adams, and the rest of the armed survivors in my group in a line. "You have to kill all but 1 or sacrifice yourself." I grabbed the gun, and looked at the group. I smirked as I saw Jack Williams hiding in the guard tower. "Do it!!!" I gave a thumbs up. "Karma's a bitch, Master." I looked as Jack assasinates and kills The Master. I looked at the nearest guard, and I shot him in the head. The group rushed out of the fort, and most of the group dispersed from the rest. I have to save Jack Williams. I looked as Jack returned to the group. "I did good, right?" "Samson, i've adopted him." Samson smiles at me." Two men greets me and the group. "We helped with the resistance. I'm Omar Jenkins, and this is Cedrick Cooper. We were Killers, but we joined up with Samson and Nash." Nash aims his gun at himself. "I've been bitten in my chest." He showed his wound, and shot himself.

The group quickly left the site, and we went back to the apartment. "Was the whole Killers group killed?" "If not, they could pose as a danger still." "If so, we should prepare for it...." I looked at the zombified Tony in the basement, and I chose to put him down. "I couldn't let a former marine suffer, even if he tried to kill me. This was for the suffering to be dealt with..." I walked to the upstairs, and cleared out the former zombified survivors, and the group burnt the corpses around the apartment near the mall down the main avenue. We ended up thinkin that we accidentally caused a group in the mall to be attacked to be attacked by several supposed zombies at first, but realized to be hostile survivors. Me, Omar, Samson, Jack Adams, and Jack Williams arrived to stop the problem that we first though was our fault. We were wrong. I looked as some of the Killers shot at us. I looked as Jack Adams was killed. The group realized that The Killers are still a threat. I looked at the mall's second floor windows, and realize that they're a community that's been dealing with The Killers longer.

Two supply runners for their community was trying to escape from a building, but one of them ended up breaking their legs from the huge fall. "Brady, my legs. They're broken. Help me! Jessica and Randall will be pissed at us for this run!!!" The men started to worried after seeing the Killers, and then they stared at us. "Shh...." I gave the two survivor the signal for them to quiet down. "The Killers are here....." I wispered to them. They ducked behind the car. I looked as the other survivor began to look pale. "I'm dying...." "Shut it, Mac!!!" Brady covered Mac's mouth, and watched to see if he was getting worse. "You got meds?" "No. We're actually was gonna look for some."




  • Numerous Killers
  • Several Resistance Survivors
  • Henry Collins
  • Bill Santos
  • Benkert Wilkinson
  • Glenn Richards
  • Buzz Jackson
  • The Master
  • Samuel Smitty
  • Joshua Cals
  • Nash Herrings
  • Sgt. Tony Peterson(Zombified)
  • Tyson Reese(Zombified)
  • Jack Adams


  • First appearance of Omar Jenkins.
  • First appearance of Cedrick Cooper.
  • First appearance of Mac Greene.
  • First appearance of Brady Campbell.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Samuel Smitty.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Joshua Cals.
  • Last appearance of Barbara Santos.(Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Nash Herrings.
  • Last appearance of Jack Adams.
  • Last appearance of Henry Collins.
  • Last appearance of Benkert Wilkinson.
  • Last appearance of Glenn Richards.
  • Last appearance of The Master.
  • Last appearance of Buzz Jackson.
  • Last appearance of Bill Santos.
  • Last appearance of Sgt. Tony Peterson.(Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Tyson Reese.(Zombified)
  • First mentions of Hank Collins.
  • First mentions of Matt Tumele.
  • First mentions of Jessica Cellar.
  • First mentions of Randalls Reeves.

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