Legos Of The Dead 2 is the sequel to Legos Of The Dead. It takes 2 years after the finale of Legos Of The Dead.


It follows the rest of the group through the destroyed world.


Season 1/New Surroundings

Season 2/Dirt Piles and Holes

Season 3/Dependence

Season 4/The Ending Approaches


Brady's Group

Lincoln Family

Williams Village Community

Ewan's Group

Russian Group

Apartment Complex Survivors

Tomai Family

Crandall Family

Mafia Prisoners

Lee Family

Moscow Airport Community

Stevens Family

Helen's Family

Captain Z's Manor

Jerry and Simon's Group

Irons Family

Mickey and Kelly's Family

Jack Williams' Colony

Grant and Tara's Family

Rodriguez Family

Disguised Survivors

The Killers

Issac's Gang

New World Order Army

Harlem Safe-Zone

Jacob's Family

Kilams Family

The Sanctuary Gang

The Last Resort

Phillips Community

Jackson Family


  • This story will have POV(Point Of View) Changes throughout the seasons.
  • The last episode is the only episode to have no trivia on it.

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