Episode 1

I looked at the safe-zone, as my group camped outside of it. They never letted us live there. We chose to live near the walls. They never cared. "Brady, we should try again." "I know, Jack." "I don't give a damn, Jack. They'll use us for their dirty work later on...They executed outsiders before, so...." "Taggart, don't start accusing them of..." "I've seen it. I snuck in there, and assassinated a few of their guards before I've join you all. They're a bad group." Jack begins to observe Devron. "Jack, I need you to watch Devron. He might be lying. Taggart and Albert, you both are going on a supply run with me and the Lincoln Brothers." "Alright." Hughes gives a angry face as he exits his tent, where I see Lia exiting it. Lia walks up to me. "Make sure my lover get back." "I will."

As we arrived at a airport, where there's a ton of corpses with three pipes, which are coming from a bag covered in zombie muck. "What the hell! Who killed these people? Was this even a suicide pact made by another group. We'll need these supplies they left for others." I looked as Albert grabs a snack, and begins to eat it. He starts coughing uncontrollably. ".....Help Me!!!" Albert starts to flee to the bathroom, and then zombies starts to devour him as he enters it. "Run!!!" The supply group along with me ran away from the airport zombies. We made it to the maintenance, and we discovered survivors in it. "Max West, call the guards. Intruders!!!" I aimed at the announcer. "Who are you all?" "I'm Nelson Dingo, the announcer for Terror Games. Those corpses are not real dead people, just props for Terror Games. Those pipes are electric rods. If you don't leave, the guards will force you all into the games." "Who is your leader?" "Lawrence Williams. He's a dangerous man to fuck with. He's the man of steel in the real world."

The guards arrived, and aimed at us. "Surrender!!!" "We never knew about this operation. This caused my fellow member to die." The guards continued to aim at us. "Surrender, assholes." A scared man walked up to me, and punches me in the face, and kicks me in my chest, making me fall to my knees. "Would you mind? I have to bring you all to the jail for 5 hours. After that, you all are free to go anywhere except for here. If this happens again, you'll be forced to work on gathering zombies for Terror Games. We have electricity working fine. The TV has the show on it. The winner gains a lot of fame. The loser is exiled form the village. We put a chip into them. It'll show a beeping dot if they're dead. We'll locate their bodies, and bury them in the old farm field, where the group was originally made in."

"You seem like an ass at first. Now, I realize that I needed to chill." "Thanks for confessing. We'll just give you all a warning. This first strike will happen if this is actually repeated. I would like for your group to join us, since we're low on members. We're looking for a lone militia man named Devron Cornelius. If you all get him to me or any of our guards, We'll give you a trip to a new paradise. We will sentence him for life in prison." "Uh...okay, bye...." The group fled the airport, and returned to the group. "Devron, we need to tell you about what happened!!!" Hughes and Lia kisses each other. ".....Jack's gone. He snuck into the village. He's gonna cause trouble there. Go get him!!!" "I will." Me, Taggart, Jackson, and Homer arrived at the side walls, and saw a guard and Jack aiming at each other. "Jack, No......." A gunshot is fired.

Ewan Boyd's POV

I walked into a small store alongside Jack and Eric. "Let's search the place." I reloaded my assault rifle. As we searched the place, we saw several dead bodies in one of the bathroom. "Let's block this door." We got done searching the place. "Let's set up camp for a while."


  • Albert Keeves
  • Few Williams Village Guards
  • Several survivors(Corpses Only)


  • First appearance of Devron Cornelius.
  • First appearance of Homer Lincoln.
  • First appearance of Hughes Lincoln.
  • First appearance of Henry King.
  • First appearance of Avery Thompson.
  • First appearance of Daniel Hackley.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Nathan Carpenter.(Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Nelson Dingo.(Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Albert Keeves.
  • First mentions of Lawrence Williams.
  • First mentions of Max West.

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