Episode 13

I walked with the others to make a small decision about who should chase after the new army. "No one. We need to try to defend the fort instead of causing more of a problem. Me and Devron will try to spy on them." "Did I agree with you, Jack. Sure, I'll go, but we better not be there for a long time. If I have to be there past my limits, I'll offer you to the New Army. Is that clear?" "Yes, Devron." "Get the fuck up, and let's go." I saw Devron and Jack walking away. Harold comes up to me. "Devron isn't being mean. He's wanting to get the deal done faster. I'll keep searching for chemical supplies for the process of making the cure. Since the New Army might want the undead to rise, we'll do the favor ourselves, right?" "Yeah. I hope you find some great stuff." I walked away with Simon and Daniel. "What can we do for you, Ewan." Simon, I need you to go on a supply run with Harold. Daniel, guard me on my way to the colony." "Alright." Simon walks towards Harold.

Harold Brown's POV

"Simon, do you want to release some secret with me?" "Sure." I picked up a handgun. "Sweet! Another gun for myself." Simon smirks at me. "I've got a secret. I'm gay." "You better not try to kiss me or any of that shit. I'm straight, okay?" "Yeah. I was straight until in high school, I got bully, but the only, person who sticked up for me was Doug Irons. We might still be the relationship, but we've been getting into arguments and...." A sniper shoots Simon in the head. I manage to tackle the sniper, knocking her out with myself punching her. I carried the woman and my supplies back to the colony. "Where's Simon? Doug walked up me. "This bitch killed him." Doug cries, and pulls his rifle out. "Let me do justice, Harold." I saw Jack and others arriving. "Do it quickly before any kids sees this." I drop the woman just as Doug shot her in the head. "No!!!" Ewan and others aimed at us. "Who did you kill, Doug." "The bitch that killed my lover, Simon." "You're gay?" "Yeah." Doug cries as he drops his rifle. "Harold, return Simon's body as we're preparing for his funeral." "Alright." 

I returned to the base, and I gathered Simon's supplies, and I carried his corpse to the colony. I putted it in a coffin near the gunshop, and I pushed it to the church, where Gregory was waiting to start the funeral. "I got this, Harold. Go get Doug to come say his goodbyes."

Devron Cornelius' POV

I arrived at the gates with Jack Adams. "I guess that's the remaining soldiers of the New Army, huh?" "I'm thinking of executing them in their sleep." A muscular guy stabs his machetew through Jack's chest. "Shit!!!" The man kicks me to the fence at his reloads his shotgun, I pulled out my katana, and I decapitated him. I looked at the dying Jack Adams, and I putted him down. The remaining New Army soldiers becomes scared as I opened the gate. "Shit! He killed the leader! Run into the woods!!!" The last four soldiers escapes from me through the woods. "I'll let them run like losers." I gathers the extra supplies, and I brought Jack Adams' corpse to a earby farm, where I dug a hole, and putted his body in it. I cried as I was saying the last rites. I opened my bag of supplies, and I pulled out holy water, and I splashed it across his body while making a cross on him with the water. I waited for the corpse to dry, and I proceeded to put the dirt in the hole. I cried as I walked away. A man aimed his shotgun at me. "Don't me until you tell me why are you on my farm." "I had to bury my friend. If you need anything, come follow me to the colony." "Bullshit..." I decapitated the man as he fired his shotgun. I fell to the ground, and I slipped into the nearby river. I began to pass out from the mixture of the blood and the water. I grabbed a hold of a large boulder. I grabbed onto it.

About 5 hours goes by. My wounds healed, and I saw Ewan and a few others surrounding me. "We saved you in time. I saw Jack's grave. Thank you for doing that. Also, why didn't you tell us about the holy water?" "I.....wanted to keep it with myself. I was a pastor before the apocalypse happened." Gregory looked at me. "I'll do the services for the funeral tonight." " brought Jack's body back to here?" "No. A New Army sniper killed Simon." I looked at Gregory in shock.


  • Simon Waynes
  • Susan Bello
  • Tyrone Keyes
  • Jack Adams


  • Last appearance of Simon Waynes.
  • Last appearance of Jack Adams.
  • Last appearance of Tyrone Keyes.
  • Last appearance of Terry Williams.(Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Daniel Riggs.(Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Jared Minzey.(Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Lance Harris.(Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Susan Bello.

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