Episode 14

I walked into my shack, and saw Helen crying. "What's wrong?" "Jared is thinking of going on a supply run alone." "Where is he?" "On the way to the nearest supermarket." "Shit...." I walked out, and recruited Archie, Izzy, and Anthony to come with me. As we arrived, we saw zombies coming at us. "Stick together." I exitted the truck with the others. "Help us!!!" About 50 zombies surrounds Archie and Izzy. "No......." They get devoured as we entered the supermarket. I found a note, saying, "Ewan, if you read this, I'll probably be heading towards San Diego. I left the camp to be away from my mother. With her making me do everything for her made me think of leaving. Don't take it personal. If you come after me, I'll have to defend myself. Don't make me do it." I picked up a photo of Jared and his friends, and placed it into his pocket. I looked at Anthony. "Let's go..." As we arrived at the entrance, zombies broke through the glass doors. "Where is the second entrance?" We ran through the supermarket, and then we broke through another glass door. "Get in the truck!!!" I started up the truck. As I looked at Anthony, he stopped, and pointed at something. I looked, and saw a truck coming at my truck. I fled from the truck, and ran towards Anthony as the other truck caused into mine. "Thanks...." "No problem.....we should check if the survivor is still alive." The truck explodes. "He's dead."

Devron Cornelius' POV

I got finished eating breakfast, and then Helen walked into my room in the infirmary. "Have you seen Ewan? He's been gone for over 12 hours now." "I haven't seen him for a day." Helen constantly stares at her should. "What's wrong?" "Don't get mad at me." Helen shows a zombie bite. "Oh shit!!!" I became shocks as I saw the bite. Kelly walks in, and sees the bite. "Let me put you down!!!" Kelly pulls out a pistol. "No! No! No!!!" I got up, and held Helen to the wall. "I'll break your hands if you refuse." Kelly moves me out of the way as she shot Helen in the head. I looked at Kelly. "Don't speak of this to anyone, alright?" "I won't." Kelly leaves my room as the corpse of Helen lays in my room. Robert and Gregory enters, and stares at Helen's corpse. "She was bit, so I putted her down with my pistol." I pointed at the pistol on the table. "Are you sure? Are you covering for someone else?" "I'm....." "Either way, it was acceptable. Helen was starting to be dead weight towards us others." "She was a member like each other. Give some respect, will you both?" "Sorry..." We left my room as two other guards disposed of her body. Ewan walks up to us. "Where's my wife?" "She....was putted down after a zombie bit her shoulder." Ewan cries. "Why is this happening to me again?"

Harold Brown's POV

I walked into the casino alongside Cody and Homer. "Let's find a person to gamble with." "I don't want to waste my goods on a game of cards." "Life is like a casino game, everyday we risk our lives, even before zombies." "That's true. I remember being a prisoner. I felt like shit. I should've been the person dead instead. He had a girlfriend, a child. I had nothing. I lived a life of crime while being the superstar of my career as a track runner before myself being in prison. I had to kill for money. Luckly, I had only killed 4 people." "Why?" "They raped my best friend's sister. I shot them several times. I was locked up for 20 years. Me and my bestfriend was locked in a cell with a sick man. He turned, and bite my friend's face off. I managed to escape, but there was a cost of lives. I killed 15 prison guards escaping from the prison. I got bite by guard dogs, scratched by barbed wires, shot with rubber bullet, and attacked by wild animals. I found a plane, and that's where I met Gregory, his father, and his son. They led me to Moscow. That's my life journey. We setted up a community at the airport after a month went by after zombies invaded the remaining parts of earth." "Damn.....that's scary shit. Luckly, you haven't gave up on living." "Yeah." Homer walked away from us. I followed him. "Let's search the hardware store to help set up a secondary base of operations near the FEMA camp." "Alright."

We arrived at the hardware store, and saw lights being shined at us. "Give us your names!!!" "I'm Harold Brown, and this is Homer Lincoln. We have a colony with lots of survivors in it." A man exits from the community, and walked up to us. "That makes two include my community, Harlem Safe-Zone. If you want to know who I am. I'm Harley Kilams, the recruiter. Who is your leader?" "Ewan Boyd. The founder of our community died 2 months ago." "Damn.....well invite him to meet up with my leader or I could travel with you both." "Alright. If you try anything smart, we'll put you down." "Deal."


  • Archie Bennett
  • Izzy Brown
  • Helen Boyd
  • Unnamed Survivor
  • Several Survivors(Confirmed Fate)


  • First appearance of Harley Kilams.
  • Last appearance of Helen Boyd.
  • Last appearance of Jared Boyd.(Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Archie Bennett.
  • Last appearance of Izzy Brown.

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