Episode 15

I walked into the bar, where I met up with Kelly, who was staring at me. "Why are you staring at me?" "I had to put your wife down. She was bite, and could've died. She looked very weak, and I know what a dying person looks like. I had to put my parents down. Life's a bitch, ain't it?" "Yeah."

Homer Lincoln's POV

I walked with Harold and Harley through the grass, and then several bandits ambushed us. "Harley, don't think you'll get a free pass. New survivor, huh? To fear us, one of the two of you will die by our leader." The bandit ties Harley to a pole. "Thanks. I'll do my way of picking my next victim." The bandit leader shoots Harold in the heart. "No!!!" The bandits began to kick me. "Let's get back to The Sanctuary." The bandits slowly walks away. I barely got up, and I untied Harley. "What the fuck was that? My friend is dead now. You better have a good reason to tell my leader, Ewan Boyd. He hasn't been in a good mood lately." I saw that Harley is starting to look scared.

Return to Ewan Boyd's POV

I walked outside with Kelly. Mickey spots me, and tries to attack me, but Devron ran towards him, and held the katana next to his neck. "Lay another finger on Ewan, and you're a dead man." "I dare you." I looked at Kelly, who pulled a shotgun at my head. "Devron, you join us in our cause." "Fuck your cause...."

As Devron is about to decapitate Mickey, Homer shoots Mickey and Kelly in their heads, and arrives with a new survivor. "Who is he?" "He's a recruiter from Harlem Safe-Zone. Also, Harold got killed by a new threat. They're the Sanctuary Gang. Their leader, Sawyer Hanes, killed Harold. They had two other key members, including this man's brother." "Brother? You're friends with...." "No! They captured my brother, and forced him to work for them. He's been with them since the apocalypse began. Allow Harlem Safe-Zone be an ally to you, and we'll take the gang down once and for all." I looked at Harley. "Sure. Don't try anything to get you and your safe-zone killed. But in order for this deal to work, you'll have to allow me, Devron, Cody, and Daniel to stay in your safe-zone, while keeping our weapons. Homer, you better over the colony for me." "I will." Me and the others that I've assigned traveled to Harlem Safe-Zone.

As we entered the safe-zone, survivors stared at us. "Harley, who are they?" "They're.....going to be our allies against the Gang. Their leader is the older gentleman. The others are his trusted men. They lost one of their own at the hands of Sawyer." "You saw Sawyer?" "Why are they asking you that?" "No one has spoke with him except for our leader. I'll bring you all to him later. He's very ill. Don't worry. He's fine."

Anthony Irons' POV

I walked into the bar, and saw Cody and Homer laughing. I looked at the waiter at the bar. "What's your name?" "Benji Rodriguez. I have a brother who is on guard patrol. I'd rather do this type of work than to have to worry about getting myself bit. I got bite once. I had to amputate my left leg." Benji shows me his prosthetic leg. "If you're looking for one of the available call girls, Sophia Calibre is the only one available." Benji points at Sophia. "Shit....I guess Adam got her. Hoepfully, you manage to find one soon." "Yeah...." I walked out of the bar. I walked to the church, where Gregory is crying. "What's wrong?" "I just miss my son so much. I can't believe he's gone." "Maybe you should head to the bar. You might need a drink or two." "Alright. Don't wander too far in the church." "Okay, Gregory." I went against my words, and I searched the church for Gregory's secret. As I walked downstairs, I saw an armory full of guns, and I saw a bunk bed set with a radio and walkie-talkies on the small table. "He's only a preacher to claim this as his own. He has a plan for a safety plan." "Since you found it, I'll have to keep you down here." Gregory punches me in the face, and dragged me to a car, and he drove me off into the woods. "I ain't gonna allow my secret to be told." I quit feeling anything as the last seconds of my life was to stare at my killer.

Doug Irons' POV

I arrived at the church, and as I saw Gregory walking up the stairs. "What did you do with my...." Gregory shot me in my stomach. I grabbed his gun, and I shot him in the head. As I tried to walk away, I saw Tyler Carlston walking in with Homer. "We'll try to save you, Doug." "Let me be with my brother." I handed Tyler the gun. I looked at the gun as it fires the kill bullet. I saw the last thing, which was Tyler and Homer crying.

Return to Homer Lincoln's POV

The colony gathered for the deaths of the recent casualties. I spoke to the others about the secret hideout. I looked as the items were brought outside. I realized that there was secrets within our community.


  • Harold Brown
  • Mickey Hope
  • Kelly Hope
  • Anthony Irons
  • Gregory Stevens
  • Doug Irons


  • First appearance of Benji Rodriguez.
  • First appearance of Treyson Rodriguez.
  • First appearance of Sophia Calibre.
  • First appearance of Adam Peterson.
  • First appearance of Sawyer Hanes.
  • First appearance of Hughes Blake.
  • Last appearance of Gregory Stevens.
  • Last appearance of Harold Brown.
  • Last appearance of Anthony Irons.
  • Last appearance of Doug Irons.
  • Last appearance of Mickey Hope.
  • Last appearance of Kelly Hope.
  • First mentions of Michael Kilams.

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