Episode 3

Me and my group becomes wary of Mac's fellow members. "How did you find them?" "Arvo was a lone survivor, so I decided to accompany him. He helped me. We bonded together, and then we found Ty, Markos, and Skyler. Skyler is my girlfriend now." "Mac, you've always been a lady killer. They're russians?" "Yes we are. I've learn to survive in the wild world since I was 9 years old. Now, I'm 39." "Markos gots proof. Our base is in his parents' home. It's pretty big." "Hopefully it isn't dangerous. We had a small enemy back in DC. Jack and the others stayed there to search for more survivors. They might come here." I looked at Ty, who looked like an English man. Me and Homer pulled Ty away from the others, and we began to question him. "I was a part of the British spy team. These russians with us are a part of the Russian government. Mac could be brainwashed by now. Arvo was only using him. Trust me." "Proof?" "I have a document with me. Case files in a secret base in a cave. Follow me. You both can trust me." Homer pulls out his rifle. "Bullshit!" "You used us, fucking mate." Arvo and the russians aims their guns at us. I looked at the others. "Shoot them!!!" Me and Homer jumped into cover as I saw the Russians getting shot at, but I saw Ty's corpse near Arvo's. I aimed my pistol at Markos, and shot him in the head. "Skyler ran away! We need to get her!!!"

Me and Taggart checks the riverbanks in Moscow, but finds small spots of blood on the grass. "This is proof that she got shot." Someone is heard screaming after getting shot. I ran to the gunfire, and I saw Jackson laying in a pool of blood. "Shit! Jackson, tell me where she went." "It.....wasn't her. It was..........Mac." I saw as Jackson's body becomes pale as I pulled out my knife. "Let me do it. You did enough. He helped us. He was the man who killed Arvo." Taggart stabs a recently deceased Jackson in the head, and we returned to camp, where we find Owen aiming his shotgun at Mac. "He shot me in the eye, dammit. He's gonna die!!!" I tried to stop him, but he blows Mac's head off. "I guess Ty was right."

Me and the others walks into the city, and sees Skyler sitting on the ground. I aimed my rifle at her, and executed her. "She was still a threat to us. Let's go find shelter before it gets dark."

As we entered an apartment complex, a russian speaking woman grabs my arm. "Rosalie Thoms, get to your room now." The man speaks to the woman in Russian. "Hello. I speak both english and russian. I'm Tyler Carlston. That was Rosalie, a survivor that I'm trying to teach her to speak english. Me and my friend are from The United States until the apocalypse happened, and we decided to find to Europe. We flew too far, so we decided to stay here." Another man walks up to Tyler. "Who are these survivors?" "Robert, these are the newcomers from America." "Damn.....How was America like now?" "Chaos almost everywhere." I looked at the food, and I walks towards it. "If you want to know what it really is, It's whale meat from a trader who decided to stay here. He's from Japan, but he only speaks english like you all do. His name is Yusuke Lings. He's a teenager." Taggart walks up to Tyler. "I know more languages than you might think for a US Marine like me. I know 15 different languages, one is russian." I walks upstairs, and saw Yusuke. "Hello...." "Brady Campbell. How is life here?" "Good. Rosalie has a mental disorder. She also sleepwalks, so we have to lock all of the doors. My father, Tomai, and brother, Hui, died on the way to here. My sister, Kiala, and my girlfriend, Lia, are living here. Lia is safe with her diabetes, since Tyler, our leader, was a doctor in America and has a stash of insulin. Without it, she would painfully die."


  • Ty Harrell
  • Arvo Hans
  • Markos Kiev
  • Jackson Neil
  • Mac Greene
  • Skyler Romanov
  • Tomai Lings(Confirmed Fate)
  • Hui Lings(Confirmed Fate)


  • First appearance of Tyler Carlston.
  • First appearance of Robert Crandell.
  • First appearance of Rosalie Thoms.
  • First appearance of Yusuke Lings.
  • Last appearance of Jackson Neil.
  • Last appearance of Mac Greene.
  • Last appearance of Arvo Hans.
  • Last appearance of Ty Harrell.
  • Last appearance of Markos Kiev.
  • Last appearance of Skyler Romanov.
  • First mentions of Tomai Lings.
  • First mentions of Hui Lings.
  • First mentions of Kiala Lings.
  • First mentions of Lia Bal.

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