Episode 4

I walks outside with Homer, Robert, and Pobert's younger brother, Conner. "Conner and Homer, secure the destroyed watchtower. Robert, you're coming with me." "Alright, boss." I looked at a sign that was recently posted on a clipboard outside of a small store. Two teenagers walked up to us, but I aimed my gun at them. "Come join us. We have a secured airport as our base." "I doubt it. We need to head back to our base." As I walked away, the two kept following us. "Quit following us! Actually, what's your names anyway?" "I'm Jimmy Lee, and this is my cousin, Billy. We were kidnapped 5 years ago in New York by the Russian Mafia. They flew us to here, and we were kept as their pawns until......Taylor.....he sacrifice himself to help us take the mafia down. They're still active to this day. Billy putted down a reanimated Taylor Grimes. There was others, such as Henry, Tyson, Mark, Glenn, and Jack, but they're missing still. There's several Americans in the airport. Everyone there speaks english." "Now, I trust you both. Let's get the others."

As we returned back to the apartment, I seen the others burning bodies. "What happened here?" "Conner got attacked by a reanimated Lia. She committed suicide, and attacked him in his sleep. There was others that died, including Yusuke. He was the second to die. after Conner. His sister......she ran away. Rosalie got attacked, but she survived. Mikey.....wasn't so lucky. A zombie from outside the apartment bit him in the leg, so we amputated him. Paul Randall and I dragged Mikey back to the apartments. Homer and the others are considering leaving, even Paul is starting to think of doing it. How about you allow Mikey to stay here with us. We'll watch over him. I promise." "Alright. Everyone, let's go."

Me, Robert, and the others arrives at the airport. "Who is out there?" The wall guards shines a spotlight at us. "It's us, Billy and Jimmy. We have others with us, even a mechanic." "Who is the mechanic?" I stepped forward. "I am."


  • Taylor Grimes(Confirmed Fate)
  • Lia Bal(Confirmed Fate)
  • Conner Crandall(Confirmed Fate)
  • Yusuke Lings(Confirmed Fate)
  • Several Unnamed Apartment Complex Survivors(Confirmed Fate)


  • First appearance of Jimmy Lee.
  • First appearance of Billy Lee.
  • First appearance of Paul Randall.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Conner Crandall.
  • Last appearance of Mikey Wilson.
  • Last appearance of Rosalie Thoms.
  • Last appearance of Yusuke Lings.
  • First mentions of Taylor Grimes.
  • First mentions of Henry.
  • First mentions of Tyson.
  • First mentions of Mark.
  • First mentions of Glenn.
  • First mentions of Jack.

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