Episode 7

I carried Jimmy, as he's dying from blood loss. "Cody, try to help save him." I looked at Jimmy's face, and decides to say goodbye. "Do this for us." "I....will......" I lifted Jimmy up, and carried him to the master bedroom, where Captain Z shoots Jimmy in the neck. I caught Captain Z without his mask on, and I shot him in the head, killing him. I pulled out my knife, and stabbed Jimmy in the head, putting him down. "Let's evacuate from here." As we climbed out the window, a zombified Manor guard is seen devouring a corpse of a deceased guard. "Oh......shit!!!" A guard shoots Cody in his shoulder, wounding him. Devron quickly shoots the man in the legs, wounding him and presumely causing him to die from a close-by zombie. I picked up Cody, who was wounded. "We are not gonna lose two survivors." A masked survivor walks by the manor, and sees us walking away from it. "What happened?" "The enemies are dead now." The man pulls out his rifle. "Hands up now...." I look behind him. "Zombies!!!!" "Wait what...." I took off his mask, and stabbed him in the head.

As we returned to the camp, Billy realizes that his brother didn't come back with us. "He's dead, ain't he?" "I made sure he didn't turn. Captain Z killed him. One of his men wounded him severely. We've won. The manor is blown up. Captain Z is dead now. I killed him."


  • Jimmy Lee
  • Captain Z
  • Ed Crane
  • Several Manor Guards(Alive and Zombified)


  • First(and Last) appearance of Hanson Kidman.
  • First(and Last) apperance of Ed Crane.
  • Last appearance of Jimmy Lee.
  • Last appearance of Captain Z.
  • It was confirmed that Jimmy survived the episode before.
  • It'll remain unknown if Hanson really did get killed.

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