Clyde and his warehouse crew and fellow friends finds out the secrets about the world as a super-virus turns most of the people in the world as the living dead. They quickly forms a small community based only on themselves, and the ride out through most of the apocalypse, robbing and killing others, until a child, Jack, changes their views on survival.



Clyde's Group

  • Clyde(Alive)
  • Benji(Alive)
  • Billy(Dead)
  • Angela(Alive)
  • Ashton(Dead)

Reese's Group

Reese and Ellen's Family

  • Reese(Alive)
  • Ellen(Dead)
  • Jack(Alive)

The Hunters

  • Amanda(Dead)

The Hunters' Prisoners

  • Noah(Alive)
  • Tommy(Alive)
  • Brady(Alive)
  • Steve(Alive)


  • Each Issue will be short.
    • The most in each issue is 2 paragraphs.
    • The least is a few sentences.
  • The Zombies in this story will be referred as walkers, undead, or the infected.

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