Issue 4

Clyde and his group walks up to a barricaded mall. "Let's hope that they don't try to kill us." "Clyde, we'll need to kill them in order to survive." "We can't do that, Ashton." "Remember when you changed our own rules, and caused Billy to die." "He died from an old enemy of ours. Getting Jack was the man's goal." A survivor walks to the wooden door. "Come in." "Are you sure?" Several other armed survivors attacks, and knocks Clyde and the others out. Benji looks as the others are brought to a pig's though. "Guys! We're in trouble!!!" Clyde wakes up, and sees a man walk up to Ashton. "You'll feed us all." The man slits Ashton's throat. Ashton begins to cough as he wobbles around in pain. Another man forces Ashton's head into the though. Clyde realizes that the newly encountered survivors are cannibals. Angela cries as some of the armed cannibals walks away to another tied up survivor. "Please don't kill me! I did nothing wrong! Me, Tommy, Brady, and Steve needed to find a safe place. You all are cons, and will meet your fates for what you've done." "Shut it, Noah." A woman in a armored wuit walks in. "Hello, food baits. I'm Amanda, and we'll survive off from your meat." Clyde, Angela, and the four other prisoners looks as she walks towards the cage with Benji in it. "We'll release him. I'll let a teenager live. We don't kill anyone under 18." Benji flees from the mall, and he runs to his hidden stash of guns. "I'll free them all." Benji looks as an upcoming walker horde begins to get close to the mall. Benji aims at a large propane tank on the roof. Benji shoots the tank, which kills 4 hunters. 

Amanda hears the boom. "Guards, lock up the prisoners, and cut the dead man for food." Amanda exits the room, and Clyde manages to break open the tied rope, and he pulls out his hidden dagger, and he kills the 3 hunters within the room. "Benji is out there helping us. We'll need to put in our parts to escaping from here." The survivors picks up the weapons, and Clyde puts Ashton down.


  • Ashton
  • 7 hunters

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