Issue 7

Clyde begins to have a flashback of the group before they had to execute the bandits.

Clyde snaps out of the flashback as the herd arrives at the house. Reese and the others drags Clyde to the backyard, and goes into Reese's military bunker.

Clyde and the others are impressed by the bunker. "Did you serve for the military?" Angela asks Reese. "I did, but this was originally my father's house. He was a high ranking general. When he did, he gave me his house. Since I had this house, we gave the father in this bunker to the poor. Since the apocalypse began 4 months ago, I've been caring for this property, and I've setted up a garden down here. If you all want to live through the apocalypse without anymore suffering, then stay." Reese answers to Angela, and says information to the others. "We'll stay." Clyde says to Reese.


  • Reese's father (Confirmed Fate)

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