As the contestants of the contest that they've been tricked into going to. They believe that this contest is a contest about surviving on a uninhabited island. They're wrong. A plague spread all over the island, and the only way to exit is swimming away from the island, which they'll end up meeting death from the sharks.

The contestants moved into the manor, which they discover 3 corpses, and as they tried to flee to the airplane, the plane crashed on the coast. " exit! I want out!!!" Pablo grabbed his suitcase, and tried to flee the manor from the other side, but he met his fate from a trip, which decapitated him. A masked person on the video describes the contestants that one of them is the person who made the trip scheduled for them to the island. "This is sick! When I find the...." "We're gonna get through this. We need to try, and take shelter in the 2nd floor, for a while." The contestants moved upstairs, and discovered a room for each of them. "Well, let try and make ourselves settled in."

Alec threw his military bag on his bed, and pulled out his Sawed-off Shotgun and FAMAS. "You sent us here?" Jake stood in Alec's doorway. "I'm a part of the FBI. I gonna bust who sent 22 random people in the past to meet their doom. We've tried to sent our rookie. We never found out who did it, since they've been killed, except for the killer, who remains unknown. I'm gonna try my best. The Killer will be brought to justice. If you don't believe me, you're sadly mistaken." Jake walks away.

As Alec wakes up, he hears two people screaming. As he made it downstairs, he realizes that he's too late. They've been murdered. "Not Noah and Devin!!!" The others, along with Alec and Jake, gathered in the kitchen. "3 of us are dead. Sooner or later, it'll end up as victim vs killer. I have great news to figure out...." "Stop lying, Nathan." Andrea points her finger at Nathan. "You're definitely the killer." "Bullshit, Andrea." As the group splits up, Nathan returns to the kitchen along with Alec. "When will we start searching?" "Nathan, we need to do so when the killer tries to strike at us. If one of us gets attacked, yell the gender of the killer. That'll give us a chance to bust the murderer." Alec walks outside, while Nathan stayed in the kitchen. Alec pulls out his binoculars, and discovers the pilots as zombies. He then looks at a message, reading "I'm one of you. You'll be mad at me if you trust me." Alec puts his binoculars back into his bag, and then he pulled out his FAMAS. Nathan walked out with his bag, which he has his radio, med pack, Steyr AUG, Beretta 96, and Hunting Rifle. Nathan pulls out his Hunting Rifle. "I want to go hunting." "I'll check the crash site."

As Nathan enters the woods, a masked person walked next to him. "Hello, Nathan." The person stabs Nathan in his stomach. Nathan manages to punch the masked person in the face. One of the other contestants spots Nathan bleeding out. "DJ, The Killer is a woman." Nathan dies.

The next day, the male contestants confronts the women. "One of you is the killer. Nathan told DJ it before he died. If you all want to know, me and Nathan are FBI Agents. You all are exiled from the manor. Good luck surviving out there. Don't come back for supplies. There'll be two guards on duty every night." DJ and Jake led the women outside, and locked them out of the area. "Hope you figure who's the killer. If not, you'll all be left behind when we finally rebuild the destroyed plane." The women walks away.

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