Andrea and Salazar arrived at the bridge with the Creed Brothers. "We're gonna camp here until we can spot the Killer." "Alright. Timothy and Nico, you've heard the lady...." The Killer snipes Salazar in the head, and then shoots Andrea in the chest, killing her. Timothy tries to run away, but the killer stealthily kills him. Nico shoots the killer in the back, fatally wounding her. Alec and Bobby arrives as Nico lifts the mask of The Killer. It's Kelly. Alec shoots Kelly in the head. "Bobby, I need you and Nico to escape the Island. I need to find and rescue the remaining surviving contestants, and evacuate with them off this island." "Not today!!!" Bobby shoots Nico in the head, killing him, and the he shoots Alec in the leg. "I hired Kelly for the job. I'm the first killer. I'm a former gang leader. The pilots were my pawns that I've forced to crash the plane. Nathan might've been your partner, but I've used him to tricking you into thinking there was only one killer. There's 2. I'm the other killer." Bobby knocks Alec out, and ties him to the flagpole.

Alec wakes up, and spots Hannah and sally pulling him to a couch on the side of the road. "We've found you tied to the pole." "There was 2 killers, Kelly and Bobby. Bobby was the boss of Kelly. Bobby killed the first contestants in the first contest. This was his plan. Nathan was tricked into thinking there was only one killer. Nathan might've been a potential 3rd killer. If so, then he betrayed me." Hannah tries to suffocate Alec, but an armed survivor decapitates her, and shoots Sally in the head. "Hey, fellow squad member. The team is here finally. There's was only this place which had zombies. We've discovered who...." "Bobby and Kelly. Nathan might've betrayed us, but he's dead. Kelly killed him." "Let's find them..." "I killed Kelly. Bobby is on the loose." "Let's kill him!!!" Alec, and the FBI Agents went on a search to execute Bobby.

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