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Time,Date, and Location 


August 17, 2014

Strickland Propane

Day 1 of Outbreak


It was a nice day outside, and John was just waiting to get home. It was a boring day in the office, not alot of people bought propane that day. There was something to look forward to though, John had heard that a sickness had broke out and was waiting to get home to see what it was about. Then an unkown voice came out from the other room.

"Hey, John you ready to get home?" 

It was Octavio, Johns Best Friend. He replied with delight "Yeah, get home sit back watch the News and get out of this Shithole!"

He then heard a door open and John knew who it was, and was dreading the thought of him coming in there. 

"Now what did i hear you little gibblet heads talking about?" It was his boss,Hank Hill, who took selling propane a little to far. 

Octavio then walked in Johns office, "Well Sir, we was just talking about how good selling propane is!" 

Hank then turned to Octavio with a frown on his face "Look here you Jack-Ass. Selling propane and propane accessories is very important. Now i tell you H'what if i hear more of this Asinine talk i will fire both of you!"

He then turned to his office, None of them talked until they heard the door slam in the other room.

John turned to Octavio and smiled and said I guess working by all of this Propane has made him a Hot Head." They both then started to laugh until they heard a ding sound from the main lobby. 

Hank came rushing in the office "Now im going to take care of this customer, since you all are being disrespectful of sweet lady propane."

Octavio then said "Funny, hes only making our job easier by doing all of the work." Just as John was about to say something a bloodcurdling sound came from the other room. 


They rushed in the main lobby to only see someone attacking Hank. 

"What the hell is happening?" John yelled as he ran up to him. "THIS GODDANG GIBBLET HEAD CAME IN HERE AND BIT MY ARM BWAHAHAHAH." 

Being quick on his feet John pushed the man off of Hank and then stepped back. 

Octavio ran up to Hank grabbed him and they ran into the other room.

Then it was just John and the sick man. The sick man then plunged at John snapping at him like a turtule. 

"Can you please go away." It was no anvil because he started to attack agian. He got on top of John and was trying to bite him. John quickly put his arms on the mans chest keeping him back at a distance. The man was trying to reach for him but couldnt get a grip.

He then was pushed back apon the Main Lobby desk he looked for a weapon. All he could find was a stapler. "Get off, Because i really dont want to use this." He waited alittle then he opened the Stapler and started to hit the man. It wasnt effective though, all it did was stick a few staples in his decomposing head. He then heard running from the office and was hoping that it was some help. 

To his luck it was Octavio and he had a weapon that was way better than a stapler. It was a long machete and by the time John got a good look of it. It was to late he swung and it cut of the mans head only being inches away from Johns face. 

"HOLY SHIT, YOU KILLED THAT MAN, YOU ALMOST KILLED ME!" Johns head was rushing with questions but Octavio just said "Enough! You have to come in here and see this." 

They ran into the other room and saw Hank on a table with a Propane cable on his left arm. 

"Why is he hooked up Octavio?" 

"Havent you seen the news John! Someone gets bit they turn into one of them."


"A long time ago i had to deal with stuff like this, people losing alot of blood. I would be the ones they would count on, well for atleast some people anyway. Wait.....Nevermind. Anyway im going to cut the arm off."

"Now wait just here, Octavio dont do this you have to stop him John!" Hank cried out as he was panicking.

"Sorry Mr.Hill but it seems like Octavio knows what hes doing you need to let him do his thing. This will be safest for all of us."

Octavio ran to the lobby he then came back in with a grill and some propane.

"Okay, John hook up this grill and propane we will need something to sterilize the cut."

John started to hook up the grill as he heard the banging of Octavio slaming Hank to the table an then he procceded to cut of the arm. 


"John i need the grill NOW!!!!" 

John pushed the grill over to Hank. Octavio then grabbed Hanks arm and pressed it to the grill. 


Octavio grabbed a half awake Hank from the table as he was wrapping Hanks arm with his T- Shirt.

"Go get the Propane-mobile we have to get out of here!"

John panicked as he ran outside to get to the car. All he could hear was screams from unlucky souls outside Strickland Propane. Octavio came outside with Hank still awake. 

As Octavio was putting Hank in the back of the Propane-mobile he said "Alright i think we should go to my House and stay there for the night, try to understand whats happening and what we should do!"

"Fine!" John was quick to reply as they got in the car.

Hank had already passed out in the back of the truck.

"Alright Octavio where did you get the machete and how did you know to do that?" John said really wanting an answer.

"Well, considering how the world is going to shit now i guess i will tell you. When i was little i grew up on the baddest streets in the worst part of Mexico. I tried to live a normal life as a butcher, but the cartel came to me and offered me a deal i couldnt refuse. I was doing the worst things to people that they wanted information from. I was known  for all the horrible stuff ive done. After a few years of this i was found by the FBI and they offered me a deal. Rat out the Cartel or Rot in jail. Well you see the one i picked. They put me in the witness protection progam and i was put here. As for the machete i always had it under my desk in case anything was to happen.

John was sitting there befuddled at what he just heard.

"Well i guess everything i know about you was a lie huh?"

Octavio didnt say anything they just drove, driving to a safe place to find out what to do.

To be Continued