Long Road Ahead (The Regular Dead)
Season 1, Episode 3
The Regular Dead Episode 3 Long Road Ahead
Post Date November 21, 2014
Written By JustSomeGuy23
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Main Characters
Mordecai, Vanellope, Rigby, Eileen, Rancis, Margaret, CJ, Thomas, Skips, Hi Five Ghost, Celia
Minor Characters
Screaming Macon Survivor, Save-Lot Bandits

"Long Road Ahead", retitled "Episode 3" is the third episode of JustSomeGuy23's The Regular Dead


The episode starts with Mordecai and Rigby rushing through downtown Macon after Margaret had sent them to gather supplies. Rigby asks Mordecai questions such as how he feels about leaving the motor inn and how Margaret is doing regarding what had happened at the dairy. Afterwards, a woman emerges from a building, screaming bloody murder as a small group of walkers is chasing her. Mordecai is forced to leave her so that him and Rigby will have time to gather what's left in the pharmacy. Him and Rigby successfully salvage the remaining supplies and leave the pharmacy in a rush.

After leaving the drug store, they head back to camp. Margaret asks Mordecai and Rigby what they got. Mordecai informs Margaret that they picked the store clean, impressing her with their effort. She then implies that she wants to stay at the motor inn throughout the winter, which infuriates Rigby and leads him and Margaret to an argument regarding if the group should stay or go. This brings the attention of the rest of the group. CJ then questions in an unfazed tone that Rigby and Margaret are fighting again.  Rigby replies by telling her to "can it". Afterwards, Margaret reveals that she knows that someone has been stealing supplies and demands that everyone leaves her room. 

Afterwards, CJ tells Mordecai that he needs to tell the truth to the group about his crime before the apocalypse started. After telling everybody, Mordecai goes to talk to Margaret about the missing supplies. Mordecai agrees to help Margaret find out if her suspicions are true and looks around for the supplies after reluctently letting Rancis help out. Mordecai discovers that Margaret was telling the truth about somebody betraying them and informs her about what he found. Before Margaret could gather everybody for a confession, the Save-Lot bandits arrive at the motor inn and holds the rest of the group hostage. They're infuriated that Mordecai had taken the meds and threatens to kill everyone if they don't comply with their deal. 

Margaret enlists Mordecai to distract the bandits while she heads up to the balcony to gain a better view. While distracting the leader of the bandits, Margaret makes it to the balcony and kills the leader, starting a firefight between the two groups. Everyone in Mordecai's group escape the bandits while their distracted. 

Rigby gives Mordecai a rifle so that the latter can kill the oncoming bandits while the former fixes the RV. After saving everybody from the bandits, the walkers start invading the motel, killing anybody they can get their teeth in. When the walkers start to overrun the motel, Rigby fixes the RV and gets ready to leave, even without Margaret. The robin scans her home one last time, cursing out loud when she realizes that all is lost and then she boards the RV just in time before Rigby drives off, leaving the motel to the walkers. 

Later on, Rigby is frantically asking Eileen if she's okay, which she replies that she's fine, while Thomas is cursing to himself in fear. Just after CJ reassures Thomas that everything is fine, Margaret says otherwise and informs the group that somebody has betrayed them, which Mordecai hesitantly confirms is true. Immediately afterwards, Margaret turns to CJ, accusing her of being the traitor. CJ angrily denies this accusation, yet Margaret continues to accuse her anyways. Thomas speaks up in CJ's defense, which causes Margaret to point her finger at him. Annoyed, Mordecai attempts to stop Margaret from unfairly accusing CJ and Thomas of being traitors of the group, but the robin won't have it. The argument is interrupted when Rigby accidentally runs over a walker that was in the middle of the road. Margaret then forces everybody in the group out of the RV while Rigby fixes the problem.

Once outside, Margaret resumes her crusade to bust the traitor. Mordecai senses that Margaret is starting to lose it and tries to get her to calm down, even assuming that the traitor could be a rouge survivor sneaking into the group's camp. Margaret blows this assumption off and continues to relentlessly torture Thomas by forcing him to either admit that he's the traitor or CJ. Having enough of Margaret's cruelty, CJ stands up for Thomas and yells at Margaret, calling her a scared little girl and to get over it, and to take a page from Mordecai's book by helping somebody for once. This comment causes Margaret to snap, murdering CJ in cold blood, horrifying the entire group.

Mordecai pins Margaret to the RV, restraining her arms to prevent her from moving. He angrily demands her to drop her weapon, which she solemnly does. Angered by Margaret's betrayal, Rigby suggests to leave her for the walkers, which Mordecai agrees to do so. Margaret attempts to plead to Mordecai for a second chance, which he refuses to grant. As a final attempt to destroy Mordecai, Margaret reveals his deepest darkest secret, but her plan backfires when Rigby informs her that him and the group already know what he did. Mordecai then releases Margaret from his grasp and picks up her gun before boarding the RV with the rest of the group and leaves Margaret on the side of the road. She is last seen fleeing into the woods from a group of walkers, leaving her fate unknown.

Back on the RV, Eileen urgently calls for Mordecai. When he approaches, Rigby and Eileen inform him that Rancis has been bitten. Mordecai responds to this by asking what their next course of action is, which Eileen responds that she's going to keep an eye on him from a medical perspective while Rigby is set on heading east to find a boat. Eileen then requests Mordecai to break the news to Vanellope. The blue jay does so, which upsets the little girl greatly since she saw him as a good friend. After talking with Vanellope, Mordecai falls asleep and has a nightmare about Vanellope dying, reanimating and attacking him. He wakes up the next morning to hear from Rigby that the road has been blocked.

All the male members of the group excluding Rancis examine the blockage on the road, which is revealed to be a derailed train that was abandoned by its previous occupant. Mordecai and Thomas head inside the only boxcar that isn't derailed and look around for any signs of life. Inside, Mordecai and Thomas discover that the train has been used recently, meaning that somebody could be living inside. The duo venture off into the locomotive and discover that the train still works. Rigby is quick to discover this and boards the locomotive and requests Mordecai to check to see if it'll move while Thomas heads out to keep an eye out on Eileen and the kids.

Mordecai finds a note pad with a torn page. He examines the next page closely to see that there are indents from when the previous page are evident. Mordecai leaves the locomotive and looks in the RV for a pencil. He returns and manages to make the instructions readable again. With a little help from the instructions, Mordecai successfully starts the train, much to Rigby's delight. When Mordecai turns the lever to get the train moving, him and Rigby find out that the train is still attached to the derailed boxcars. Mordecai goes outside and cuts the train lose before he is discovered by the person living there.

The person is revealed to be a disheveled yeti, who is unfazed by Mordecai's presence. He asks if he touched any of his belongings, which Mordecai replies that he only took the map of the train routes. The yeti introduces himself as Skips and informs Mordecai that he had already met the rest of the group and had warmed up to him quickly. The duo head outside, where everybody welcomes Skips with open arms and offers him to join them on their travels.

After a few hours, Eileen desperately calls for Mordecai's assistance to clean up a near death Rancis after he coughed up blood. She tells him that Rancis is out of time and pleads him to get Rigby before it's too late. Mordecai heeds Eileen's plea and heads into the locomotive to get Rigby to stop the train. Still in denial about Rancis' condition, Rigby rebuffs Eileen's pleas. Mordecai manages to calm Rigby down by telling him that what had happened to Felix was not his fault. Rigby still denies this by saying that this world is cruel enough to kill Rancis when Rigby himself had helped put Felix in the ground. Mordecai calmly tells him to stop the train, which the raccoon finally does so, accepting that Rancis' fate is inevitable.

Once the train comes to a complete halt, Eileen informs Rigby that Rancis' time has come. Distraught, Rigby desperately tries to find a way to let his dying son pass away peacefully because he cannot bring himself to shoot him. Mordecai then steps up and volunteers to put down Rancis himself. Rigby and Eileen are grateful of this offer and requests that her and Rigby head to a private spot to say goodbye. Vanellope notices this and breaks down in tears, seeking comfort from Mordecai. When he's about to say something else, a gunshot is heard, followed by Rigby shouting sorrowfully. Assuming the worst, Mordecai instructs Thomas to bring Vanellope back into the train and then rushes off to the woods to see what's going on.

Upon Mordecai's arrival, he discovers Rigby kneeling down on the ground trying to wake up a dead Eileen, who had shot herself in the head due to having to go through the unbearable pain of losing her child. With Rigby unable to face the task alone, Mordecai softly tells his friend to give him the gun so that he can put Rancis out of his misery. Once Rigby hands him the gun, Mordecai briefly stares at Rancis with melancholy before shooting him, finally putting the child to rest. Rigby mourns for the deaths of his girlfriend and son before him and Mordecai leave the woods, leaving Eileen and Rancis to rest in peace.

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  • Screaming Macon Survivor
  • Bandit Leader
  • Linda
  • Gary
  • CJ
  • Eileen
  • Rancis
  • Many unnamed Save-Lot Bandits

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