Name Mordecai Quintel
Gender Male
Faction/Group Mordecai's group
Family William Quintel (father, deceased), Mrs. Quintel (mother, deceased), Lacey Quintel (sister, deceased)
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Death N/A

Mordecai Quintel is the main protagonist of The Regular Dead. He is a 23-year old blue jay, who was arrested for murdering a state senator for sleeping with his girlfriend and is sentenced to life in prison prior to the outbreak.


Mordecai is shown to be very laid back and kind, yet he's easily irritable as shown by his conversation with the police officer in the car, or when he discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him. When in danger, Mordecai is shown to think very quickly and is able to keep himself out of harm's way. When Mordecai makes mistakes, it is shown that he feels remorseful for them, for example, he showed remorse when he was being transported to prison for killing a man, showing that even though he was angry, he felt bad for committing such a crime.


Almost nothing is known about Mordecai's life before the outbreak began, except that he was a student at the University of Georgia in Athens, learning art, and that he had a girlfriend. Just before the outbreak began, Mordecai was on his way to his art class when he felt sick. He went home and discovered that his girlfriend cheated on him. Enraged, Mordecai got into a fight with the man and killed him.


A New Day

Mordecai is first seen sitting in the back of a police car on his way out from Atlanta. The police officer driving him strikes up a conversation with him with topics such as whether Mordecai's innocent or not, and finding the wrong woman to date. The conversation is short lived when the police officer accidentally collided into a walker, losing all control of the vehicle and flipping into a ditch.

After about a few hours, Mordecai woke up from unconsciousness, and his first order of business is leaving the car. He discovers that the police officer has left the car and tried to flee from unknown attackers and was killed in the process. Mordecai grabs the keys from the police officer and unlocks the handcuffs off from him. Afterwards, the police officer reanimated and attacked Mordecai, but luckily, he managed to get out alive.

After killing the zombified police officer, Mordecai notices a figure out in the distance and calls out for it. The figure turns the opposite direction and walks away, leaving Mordecai alone once again. He is then pursued by a few more walkers, and he manages to flee by climbing through a fence to the other side.

Mordecai safely makes it to the other side of the fence which contains a backyard to someone's house. Mordecai looks around the yard, calling for help, only to get no response from anyone. He decides to go search the house for any living people, only to discover that it's abandoned and has been ransacked. He hears an answering machine beeping, which made him check it out. Mordecai seems to be saddened by the contents of the messages, which is a troubled woman trying to cope with the recent events going on. Once the messages are finished, Mordecai looks at the photo of the family who lived in the house.

Suddenly, the voice of a little girl is heard, thinking that her father has returned. Mordecai clarifies that he's not the girl's dad and tells her that he isn't one of the walkers. The little girl introduces herself as Vanellope, jokes around with him and then warns him that a walker is behind him. Mordecai dispatches the walker with the help of Vanellope. The girl expresses disappointment that her parents haven't returned yet and asks Mordecai what their next course of action is. Mordecai decides to choose the safety of daylight and leaves the house with Vanellope by his side.

After leaving the house, Mordecai and Vanellope establish a friendship and then head out into the streets and find two men trying to push a car out of their path. Mordecai speaks up to them and reassures them that he isn't going to hurt them. The two men introduce themselves as Felix and Steve, and with Mordecai and Vanellope's added strength, they managed to push the wrecked car out of the way and they fled just in time. 

Later that same evening, Mordecai, and his new friends arrive at Felix's home, where he and his brother Ralph live. Steve departs, and then Ralph comes out of the house, welcoming Mordecai and Vanellope with open arms. Ralph fixes Mordecai's leg while questioning him about his injury and how he made it this far with just Vanellope. Felix speaks up and informs Ralph that the fences need to be fixed, to which Ralph agrees on. After when Ralph and Felix head to bed, Vanellope takes a minute outside, which worries Mordecai. He asks her what is wrong, and she reveals that she misses her parents, and then asks how far away Savannah is, to which Mordecai replies that it's pretty far. Vanellope is saddened of this and then the two head into the house. 

The next morning, Mordecai and Vanellope are woken up by Rigby. He introduces himself to the duo and leads them outside after when Rigby's adoptive son Rancis requests him to come out. Mordecai and Rigby get to know each other for a little bit, and then he approaches Felix, who is thankful for his assistance the day before. After a brief conversation with Felix, Mordecai talks to Ralph, who questions him about how he got out of Atlanta and then gives him some advice about trusting certain people.

Moments later, Felix is heard screaming, and Mordecai immediately springs into action. He is put in a predicament when both Felix and Rancis are attacked. Mordecai helps save Rancis' life, but is too late to save Felix. Ralph is enraged by this and puts part of the blame on Mordecai for not even attempting to help Felix. He and the others are then kicked off from Ralph's property with Macon as their next destination.

Eventually, Mordecai and his group arrived at the streets of Macon where it was seemingly abandoned. Rigby sees someone crouching down by a truck, so he decided to call out to the figure, thinking the person was friendly. The person revealed himself to be a walker, alerting the other walkers out of hiding. One of them nearly bites Rancis, only for him to be saved by CJ just in time. CJ and Gloyd direct the group into the pharmacy, and the latter shuts the gate and locks it before the walkers could bust in.

Inside, the two groups start bickering regarding Rancis' fate. CJ and Gloyd side with Mordecai's group, while Benson votes to leave Rancis to die in the streets, assuming that the latter was bitten. Mordecai disagrees with this and tries to convince Benson that Rancis wasn't bit, to which he don't believe. Rigby steps in and becomes visibly angry when Benson keeps suggesting ways to kill Rancis quickly.

When things get out of hand, Vanellope is attacked by a walker in one of the rooms. Mordecai saves her, now posing a danger to himself. CJ ultimately kills the walker, alerting the others outside. The group braces themselves in case the walkers bust inside, in which they became distracted by distant gunshots coming from possibly the military. After things have calmed down, Benson starts scolding CJ for shooting her gun, but he suddenly collapses onto the floor, to Margaret's dismay. It is revealed that Benson has a heart problem and needs nitroglycerin pills to stabilize his heart. Mordecai agrees to help go into the backroom to grab the pills from the supply.

Mordecai and Vanellope explore the office. While looking around, Mordecai finds a photo of him and his family standing outside the drugstore. While Mordecai is looking fondly at it, CJ comes up behind him and asks him if he's found anything, and then confronts him about who he really is and his part in the state senator's murder. CJ warns Mordecai that if the outbreak lasts longer than a few days and he becomes a detriment to the group, then there would be problems. She then says to Mordecai that she'll keep his secret to herself, which Mordecai thanks her for.

After humorously attempting to bust the door open with Mordecai's dad's cane and finding the remote to his father's TV, Mordecai and Vanellope go back into the main room, where the latter is contacted by Gloyd, who is stuck at the motel, and is requesting for help. Mordecai enlists CJ to come with him to rescue Gloyd.

Once at the motel, Gloyd is found hiding in an ice machine. Gloyd explains to Mordecai and CJ that he found a survivor that's hiding in one of the rooms and that she boarded the door up. Mordecai agrees to save her, although CJ is dismayed by the decision.

The trio makes it to the balcony where the survivor's motel room is. After a little coaxing, the survivor comes out and reveals that she's been bit, and that her boyfriend was bitten too. Gloyd is saddened to hear this and wants to leave immediately. The survivor pleads CJ for her gun so that she can commit suicide before reanimation, to which the latter disagrees to. The survivor becomes hysterical and destroys the balcony after a scuffle. The survivor successfully takes the gun and kills herself. After the survivor's death, a horrified Gloyd takes the gun and pukes at the thought of the suicide. The walkers notice them and the trio flees back to the pharmacy.

When Mordecai, CJ, Gloyd return, Rigby asks if everyone made it back okay. Mordecai reassures him that Gloyd is fine, but they had some close calls along the way. Gloyd solemnly informs Rigby that he got gas for the latter's pickup truck. Rigby informs Mordecai and the others that Benson isn't going to make it much longer without his pills.

Mordecai checks up on Rigby and his family regarding the recent events. After that conversation is over, Rigby pulls Mordecai aside to discuss with him about what happened back at Ralph's house, showing guilt for Felix's death. Mordecai reassures him that everything happened so fast and that there was nothing they could do. He consoles Rigby by telling him to try to let it go.

Mordecai goes outside with Don to have a look around the area. Mordecai notices his zombified sister stuck underneath a telephone poll. Don reprograms Mordecai's dad's remote to work for the televisions at a nearby store to distract the walkers, but that's not enough. Mordecai busts the combination lock and grabs a nearby brick and throws it at the window, which unmuffles the static coming from the TVs. Afterwards, Mordecai approaches his undead sister, says a few parting words to her and then puts her down and grabs the keys. The walkers nearly discover Mordecai and Don, and the duo rush back into the drugstore just in time.

Mordecai and Margaret head into the office to unlock the door to back room. When the door is unlocked and Mordecai steps in, the store's alarm goes off, forcing Mordecai and Margaret to grab the pills in a rush.

Outside, a nearby walker, who is lounging next to a dumpster is alerted by the noise and staggers over to the blaring drug store, joining an infestation of walkers at the front door of the building.

Inside, Rigby informs the group that he's going to pull the truck around the back of the building. He then starts calling the shots, telling Eileen to take Rancis into the office and barricade the door behind him, Gloyd to evacuate the group when he hears Rigby honking the horn in the alley, while Mordecai, CJ and Don are instructed to keep the building's defenses guarded. Mordecai warns Vanellope to stay away from the windows and hurries over to the door, taking Gloyd's place in the middle.

Mordecai at first is aided by CJ and Don, who the former attempts to admit her feelings towards Don, but the latter cannot hear what she's saying, and they are interrupted by a walker breaking in through one of the windows and CJ leaves her post to dispatch the incoming threat. Mordecai orders Vanellope to grab something that'll go in between the handles of the door, preventing the the walkers from busting in. Don rushes to another window to fix it, while Vanellope returns with the cane from earlier. Without hesitation, Mordecai uses his father's cane to jam the door, partially defending the building.

Suddenly, Mordecai hears both Don and CJ crying out for help while walkers are attacking them both, forcing Mordecai to choose between one or the other. With true remorse, Mordecai chooses to save CJ, sacrificing Don to the walkers outside. After CJ flees, Vanellope is attacked by another walker and Mordecai saves her just in time. When Mordecai is about to leave the building, Benson punches him dead in the face, knocking Mordecai flat. Before the walker that attacked Vanellope was able to bite Mordecai, Rigby returns to the building and saves Mordecai's life, saying that he's not letting someone else get eaten, especially a good friend. The both of them flee the building together, leaving it for the walkers.

Later on, the group arrives at the motel that Gloyd was at earlier to take shelter there. A melancholy Mordecai gazes at the photograph of his family before being interrupted by gun shots and screaming in the distance. After listening to a radio broadcast, Gloyd tells Mordecai that he has to leave because he has friends in Atlanta who are in trouble. Mordecai understands his reason and wishes him good luck, and Gloyd leaves without another word.

Mordecai then talks to Rigby who tells him that Mordecai is going to be just fine in protecting Vanellope, which he is grateful to hear. He then approaches CJ who expresses survivor's guilt for Don's death, which Mordecai reassures her that it's not her fault. Afterwards, Mordecai checks up Vanellope before being told by Benson to stay away from Margaret. Immediately after, Margaret reassures Mordecai that Don's death wasn't on him and that the group is lucky to have him around. Rigby joins in to the conversation, telling Mordecai and Margaret that the motel is a good defendable place to take shelter at, which both Mordecai and Margaret agree to. Margaret thinks that everything might be okay. Just when the group is lulled into a false sense of security, the power cuts out, leaving the motel completely pitch black.

Starved For Help

Mordecai appears in this episode.

Killed Victims

  • State Senator (Pre-apocalypse)
  • Police officer (Zombified)
  • Lacey (Zombified)
  • Don (Indirectly Caused)
  • Sensai (Caused)
  • Rancis
  • Numerous counts of zombies.
  • Numerous counts of Save-Lot Bandits


  • Mordecai takes on the role of Lee Everett from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead.
  • Instead of being a history teacher at the University of Georgia, Mordecai is a student in the art program, since at his age, he's too young to be a professor.
  • In the fifth chapter of A New Day, Mordecai's last name is revealed to be Quintel.
    • In Regular Show, Mordecai's last name is unknown. His last name in this story is the last name of the creator of Regular Show. 
  • As of the sixth chapter of A New Day, Mordecai is the last surviving Quintel family member.
    • Additionally, it is unknown if Mordecai has a sister in Regular Show, but he did mention that he doesn't have a brother.
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