This is the first episode of MySims: Infection.


"Stephen c'mon we're late!" says Jenny.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm comming!" says Stephen.

Stephen and Jenny rush to the science labs.

"Dr. F and I have found something miraculous! We've found a formula to bring the dead back to life, so I command you all to stay out of the labs while we're working on it." says Alexa.

"Okay Alexa." says Jenny.

The Opening Sequence Plays

Stephen, Jason and Jenny are in the mall.

"Stephen, if you could chose, what would you want? Snake tongue, or lobster arms?" asks Jason.

"Neither." says Stephen, laughing a bit.

"C'mon dude, you gotta chose one!"

"Okay, okay! Erm... Lobster arms."

"I'd chose that too."

"Oh shut up guys." says Jenny.

"Fine..." says Jason.

"Hey kids!" says Barney.

"Yeah?" asks Jenny.

"Have you seen Mira anywhere?" asks Barney.

"No." says Stephen.

"Well, tell her that I'm looking for her when you see her, 'kay?"

"Sure, Barney!"


The kids are eating at Grandma Ruthie's.

"Hmm, these pies are great!" says Jason.

"I know right!" says Jenny.

"I'm glad you kids like it." says Ruthie.

"Ruthie could I have another pie please?" asks Jenny.

"Sure my dear! I'll take 'em out of the oven."


Ruthie walks to the oven and takes out the pies.

"Here you go dear, fresh baked pies!" says Ruthie.

"Yummy!" says Jason.

After the kids ate their pie they leave again.

"Bye Ruthie!" says Stephen.

"Goodbye kids!" says Ruthie.


"Hey guys, I'm going to the arcade, see you later." says Jason.

"Okay, see ya." says Stephen.

Jenny and Stephen go to Sweet Scoops.

"Hey Jen! Hey Stephen! How're you doing?" asks Roxie

"We're doing good." says Jenny.

"Same as always?"


"Okay, Clara, could you bring Stephen and Jenny two chocolate ice cones?"

"Sure Roxie! One second!" says Clara.

"Hey, where's Jason?" asks Roxie.

"He's at the arcade, just as always." says Stephen.

"Here you go guys, two chocolate." says Clara.

"Thank you Clara."

Jenny sees Mira sitting at the table.

"Hey Mira!" says Jenny.

"Oh hey Jenny! What is it?" asks Mira.

"You're dad's looking for you."

"No surprise, he always is, thanks for telling me though."

"No problem, I'll tell him you're fine."


Jason, Jenny and Stephen are walking on the street back to the labs.

"Yo, Stephen, I've finally beaten my high score at Sim Shooter 3!" says Jason.

"Really? I thought it was impossible to beat that score!" says Stephen.

"Well it isn't!"

The kids hear an explosion comming from the labs.

"Oh no! That came from the labs!" says Jenny.


They arrive at the labs, but everything is destroyed. Stephen falls to his knees and bursts up in tears.



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