"We hurry up out there, and we get home as fast as we can." - Nathan to Spencer and Billy just before leaving the Henderson Colony.

Nathan DeVries is a character in The New Culture.


Muskegon, Michigan

Nothing is known about Nathan, except that he had a wife and one kid named Nathan Jr, and that he lived in Muskegon.


At the early points during the start of the apocalypse, Nathan's first wife was ultimately killed by zombies, leaving Nathan without a wife, and Nathan Jr without a mother. Later on, Nathan met a woman named Erin, and later married her, and the two have a daughter named Lia. Several years into the apocalypse, Nathan was nearly killed by the Frostly Bar Gang.

Volume 1


Killed Victims

  • Numerous counts of zombies and survivors
  • Numerous unnamed Frostly Bar Gang members (Alongside Billy Greene and Brianna Vincente)
  • Numerous unnamed Wanderers (Alongside others)
  • Numerous unnamed Bundy Safe-Zone soldiers (Alongside others)
  • Spencer Vaughn (Out Of Mercy)
  • Gareth (Alongside Billy Greene)
  • Ross (Alongside Billy Greene)
  • Mable (Alongside Billy Greene)
  • Vincent (Alongside Billy Greene)
  • TJ
  • Wyant


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

  • TBA

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