Episode 1

Scene 1

Lucas comes across a crawling zombie. The zombie tries to attack Lucas, but Lucas stabs it in the head. Lucas looks as the zombie has a wallet. 

Lucas Lewis: Samantha is her name, huh?

Lucas places the wallet into his pocket.

Lucas Lewis: If I come across her family, I'll be sure to tell them about her death.

Lucas walks away from the area.

Lucas hears gunshots nearby.

Scene 2

Maya has sex with Chris as they have setted up a small tent away from the camp. 

Maya Lewis: Hopefully we don't get caught.

Chris Mason: I'll deal with anyone that finds us, and they won't like what I'll do to them.

Maya Lewis: Don't kill anyone for our secret to be exposed.

Chris Mason: Want me to confess to Lucas exactly when he returns?

Maya Lewis: No.

Chris Mason: Then I'll kill anyone if I have to in order for our secret to be kept.

Maya begins to regret cheating on Lucas with Chris as she begins to get dressed.

Chris Mason: Our fun ain't over, honey.

Maya slaps Chris in the face just as she marches away from Chris.

Chris Mason: Maybe I'll just simply kill Lucas to ensure that Maya is always mine.

Chris begins to get dressed as Bud and Matt arrives.

Bud Porter: What are you doing?

Matt Porter: He probably came out here to enjoy himself some more.

Chris Mason: Can you both just leave?

Bud Porter: We were just walking in the woods to try to search for any deer.

Bud and Matt walks away from Chris.

Scene 3

Maya walks to her tent at the camp, and sees Leon sleeping.

Maya Lewis: Time to wake up, Leon.

Leon Lewis: Mom, will you just let me sleep?

Maya Lewis: No. You need to play around with Todd.

Leon Lewis: We're too old to play around. Besides, I was accepted into doing night watches with Shane and dad.

Maya leaves the tent, and enters the RV, to Shane sleeping on his bed. Maya slaps Shane on his left leg.

Shane Shepard: Maya, what the hell is your problem?

Maya Lewis: You're having my son do night watches?

Shane Shepard: Him and Todd are getting too old to be doing nothing around the camp, and this would ensure that they'll learn how to survive.

Maya Lewis: I hate seeing him grow up.

Shane Shepard: I've dealt with growing up good. Chill out, and maybe you should know that you're starting to be a nuisance around this camp.

Maya barges out of Shane's RV.

Chris returns to the camp as Maya is sitting at the campfire with Natalie and Olivia.

Olivia Vincent: Chris, where were you at?

Chris Mason: I was search the woods for fruits.

Natalie Denver: Well, you shouldn't go out there without a gun.

Chris Mason: I've lost my gun somewhere in my tent.

Douglas walks towards Chris with his shotgun.

Douglas Denver: I found your shotgun behind Lucas and Maya's tent.

Chris grabs his gun.

Chris Mason: Thanks.

Scene 4

Lucas gets done overhearing Chris and Maya's conversation via walkie talkie.

Lucas Lewis: I'll have to confront them. Maya is my wife, and Chris will either be exiled from the group without any guns or he'll be executed.

Lucas walks into the town, and sees four armed survivors shooting at zombies.

Tommy Loggins: Hey survivor! Help us!!!

Lucas looks as zombies tries to attack them as he begins to shoot at the zombies.

Lily Caul: Thanks, sir.

Bill Caul: You came here in time.

Dylan Nelson: Those zombies would've killed us if you never made it here.

Lucas Lewis: We have a camp at my group base. Anyone wants to join can.

Lily Caul: Since you saved us, sure.

Bill Caul: My sister and I were actually supposed to be going somewhere important. Our father's house was a few miles away, and we were getting to it. We can't come with you, but Tommy and Dylan can join you.

Dylan Nelson: I'll join you.

Tommy Loggins: Alright.

Lucas, Tommy, and Dylan begins to walk back to the camp as Lily and Bill walks away.


  • Samantha (Zombified)

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