Episode 11

Scene 1

Bill walks alone on a dirt path.

Bill Caul: I fucked everything up. Lily wasn't call me her brother, so I decided to abandon the group. So what! At least I don't need to worry about how much of the food supplies I could have.

Bill stops as he arrives at a walled community. A guard runs towards Bill.

Mario Danes: Who are you?

Bill Caul: Bill Caul. What's this place called?

Mario points at the sign at the entrance, and brings Bill into the colony.

Scene 2

Nathan finally recovers from the knife in leg wound infection.

Nathan DeVries: Thanks, Benjamin.

Benjamin Wesley: You should thank my family too. You're the first person I operated in the apocalypse, and I guess that I'm replacing your medical usage.

Nathan DeVries: I'll be giving you most of my medical supplies. I was a veterinarian, but George had me read up on the Human Anatomy, since then, I was one of the only doctor, but the two of us are the only ones. Terry was gone from George, and David and Max are dead.

Benjamin nods at Nathan.

Scene 3

A man walks to his dining table in his house as he checks up on the survivors list.

Mickey Benson: So we have enough room for 125 more people.....That'll be a challenge to find that many people.

Two men walks in.

Vincent MacRoy: Mickey, we've spotted a plane that crashed on the outskirts of the safe-zone. Want some of us to go look for survivors?

Mickey Benson: I'll be going with you guys.

Chris Wildey: I'll be on guard back here with the rest of the guards.

Mickey Benson: Good...

Mickey and Vincent exits from the house as Chris places a question mark on the search party members on the survivors list before exitting from the house.

Scene 4

Lucas, Danny, Bella, and Loki rides their horses to the crash site, but finds that any of the survivors were rescued already.

Danny Ruth: Let's look for any footprints.

Bella Ruth: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Loki Wells: Let's just keep searching.

Lucas Lewis: Loki, stay back here as backup.

Loki Wells: Alright.

Scene 5

Maya sits in her house with Lia.

Maya Lewis: I wonder when Lucas will return home.

Lia DeVries: I don't know why he only brought three people with him.

Scene 6

Lucas, Danny, and Bella arrives at the Benson Safe-Zone with Chris walking towards them.

Chris Wildey: Get off the horses, and bring them inside.

The four grabs the horses, and gets into the safe-zone.

Sasha MacRoy: Who the fuck are these people?

Lucas Lewis: I'm Lucas, and these are Danny and Bella.

Mickey walks towards them.

Mickey Benson: You followed our footprints? You've just made a potential fatal mistake, sir.

Mickey punches Lucas in the face as the others grabs Danny and Bella's weapons.

Scene 7

Nathan walks into the new interviewing room.

Nathan DeVries: Hello. I'm Nathan DeVries. The interviewer is sick today, and I'm replacing Rebecca today. So, how do you like this place?

Bill Caul: It's alright.

Nathan continues with the interview with Bill.

Scene 8

Vincent keeps punching Danny in the face as Mickey goes naked in his bedroom with Bella.

Mickey Benson: How old are you?

Bella Ruth: 18.

Mickey Benson: Good enough.

Bella begins to cry as Mickey begins to rape her.

Lucas is forces in an arena with only a shovel and boxing shorts on.

Chris Wildey frees the crash survivors from their cell.

Simpson Rhodes: Let's work together.

Nate Taggart: Yes.

Carla Pipkins: Survivor, don't try to hurt us.

Lucas Lewis: I'll be thinking of a way for us to escape.

The four survivors sides together as zombies begins to surround them.


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