Episode 12

Scene 1

Lucas and the three others are revealed to have killed the zombies. The guards rushes down to them, and aims at them.

Mickey Benson: Let them go. They've proven that they can join our ranks.

The guards lets the four go.

Scene 2

Danny is revealed to have had his right hand amputated.

Danny Ruth: Where's my sister?

Chris Wildey: That's none of your business.

Danny Ruth: I'll fucking kill you.

Chris stabs Danny in the head just as Lucas and the three others walks in. Simpson grabs a katana, and decapitates Chris.

Lucas Lewis: Let's look for Bella.

Scene 3

Lucas and the others leaves the warehouse, and heads to Mickey's house, and enters it, seeing Bella's zombified self. Mickey walks in.

Lucas Lewis: Let's escape!!!

Simpson Rhodes: I'll deal with Mickey.

Mickey Benson: You ain't gonna kill me.

Simpson slices off Mickey's left arm, and pins him to the floor, and stabs a piece of glass into left eye, and slices both of Mickey's ears, and proceeds to burn his face with a molten hot frying pan just as Vincent and the other guards arrive. Simpson jumps out of the window.

Mickey Benson: Don't kill that zombified girl.

Vincent grabs the zombified Bella, and places her into the large cage nearby.

Evan Walsh: Mickey, I'll help take care of your wounds.

Mickey passes out.

Scene 4

Nathan looks outside of the colony as Loki runs back to the colony, wounded.

Loki Wells: Hostiles took Lucas, Danny, and Bella.

Lucas and the three new survivors arrives.

Lucas Lewis: Danny and Bella are dead, and these are the helicopter crew members.

Loki begins to cry.

Loki Wells: Danny was my best friend. I wished that I took his death, and that Bella never died.

Lucas Lewis: Mickey raped and killed Bella. He's a sick bastard.

Simpson Rhodes: I've tortured him before escaping.

Scene 5

3 months after Lucas and the others escaped from Benson Safe-Zone, Mickey wakes up after being in a coma due to Simpson's torturing methods and blood loss.

Mickey Benson: Vincent, send yourself and three other guards to a nearby facilty such as a grocery.

Vincent walks outside, and assigns three guards(Marco, Reed, and Geno) to go with him.

Evan Walsh: Mickey, we were in dispair while you were in a coma. No leader lead to chaos.

Mickey Benson: I'll make sure it'll lead to none of that.

Scene 6

Lucas begins to assign the survivors of the Harrison Colony some jobs.

Lucas Lewis: Anyone under 17 must stay here at all times. 17 to 20 year olds will do inner guard duty. Skinnier people and fast people will do supply runs. Bigger and slower people will do wall guard duty. The members of this colony that can do good convincing can be scouts for here.

Bruce Elliot: So, I'll be a supply runner?

Carl Bradon: Yeah. The two of us are fast.

Loki Wells: I'll be with the two of you.

Nicholas Holton: I'll go also.

Spencer Henry: Count me in with the supply runners.

Lia DeVries: Me too.

Nathan is shocked by his wife's actions.

Nathan DeVries: I'll be one of the scouts. I was capable of gathering most of these people to join here. I was one of the original members.

Emilio Hughes: Despite being one handed, I can be a good supply runner. I'd be a scout, but after getting in trouble with bandits, I'm too scared to do that.

Mario Danes: I'll be with Nathan. There gotta be more than one scout.

Glenn Bennett: I'll be a medic for the supply runners. Benjamin taught me some of the skills, and I want to ensure of the other supply runners safety.

Doug Irons: I'll serve as a guard. I'm average, but my legs are weak due to those bandits hitting baseball bats at them.

Rebecca Harrell: I'll be a scout.

Barnes Woodrow: I'll be a member of a new option. A search party?

Lucas Lewis: That goes with the scouts.

Barnes Woodrow: I'll join the scouting crew. I used to been a mayor for Atlanta.

Boyd Harrell: Ill be with my wife. My son, Bobby, stays here since he's only 12.

Lucas Lewis: I'll chat with the others. The supply runners must check out a facilty nearby. The Benson Safe-Zone must not be there. If so, capture them, and bring them back here for me to interrigate them.

Bill Caul: I'll go with the supply runners. Despite having the best skills for a scout, there gotta be a scout-like survivor with the supply runners just in case if we meet new survivors.

Scene 7

A woman discovers a katana on the ground near the rotting helicopter crash site.

Karen Thompson: This'll be mine. Robbie and Burt, who are my pet zombies, will follow me. I won't put them down, since they forgot to watch the camp, and causes mine and Robbie's son, Albert, to die. Burt Yak was Robbie's friend. They don't deserve mercy for a long time.

Karen arrives at a grocery store nearby, and comes across the supply runners of the Harrison Colony.

Karen Thompson: Can I join your group?

Bill Caul: Only if you kill those zombies.

Karen puts Robbie and Burt down just as Vincent and his crew arrives. Karen runs into the store.

Benji Wilson: Everyone, stay close to each other, and stay down. I'll be trying to move them away.

Benji walks to the crew.

Benji Wilson: Me and my group owns this place. Other than joining us, you have no purpose of being here.

Vincent MacRoy: Look, you little fucker, this is a part of the Benson Safe-Zone. I'd recommend you and your group to leave.

Loki and several others exits from the store, and aims at Vincent and his crew.

Reed Tanner: We're outnumbered!!!

Loki Wells: After killing two of our members, Danny and Bella, we'll spare you all death. Simpson tortured Mickey, which makes up what occured. Follow us or you all are standing where you'll die at.

Reed gives his weapon to Benji.

Reed Tanner: Mickey is a screw up.

Marco Reeves: We only wanted to get along with survivor, not kill any. Vincent is your right manto chat with. Me, Reed, and Geno can leave, and we'll tell Mickey that Vincent is dead.

Geno Bultema: They aren't gonna let us go. Reed, you're right. Mickey is actually a screw up. We made him put down his zombified family. He's crazy.

Marco Reeves: Fuck your group! Mickey willl...

Spencer knocks Marco out.

Vincent MacRoy: I have a younger sister back at the Safe-Zone. Allow me to tell her via walkie talkie to come out here. We'll join your group. Mickey tortured me. He chopped off one of my legs, and fed it to his arena zombies.

Vincent shows Loki his metal leg.

Reed Tanner: We'll be loyal to your leader. I purposely allowed Lucas and the three others to escape. I was on guard.

Benji aims his pistol at Vincent.

Benji Wilson: Screw what Lucas wants...

Benji attempt to shoot Vincent, but Loki shoots Benji in the hands. Benji is about to attack Loki, but Lia shoots Benji in the head.

Reed Tanner: Please! Spare us!!!

Geno Bultema: We won't betray you all like your man Benji did.

Loki Wells: Fine. We'll leave Marco in the store, and keep him there.

Vincent tries to grab Loki's gun, but Carl shoots him in the neck. Reed and Geno holds their hands up.

Loki Wells: Let's bring Marco with us.

Geno and Bruce picks up Marco, and carries him as the other supply runners begins to head back to the colony.


  • Danny Ruth
  • Chris Wildey
  • Bella Ruth (Alive)
  • Albert Thompson (Confirmed Fate)
  • Robbie Thompson (Zombified)
  • Burt Yak (Zomibified)
  • Benji Billiam
  • Vincent MacRoy

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