Episode 14

Scene 1

Mickey hides behind cover with Sasha on his side.

Sasha MacRoy: We'll stay here.

Mickey Benson: Alright.

Scene 2

Nathan looks as Lucas and the others gets into cover. Nathan looks as one of the soldiers has an RPG.

Nathan DeVries: RPG!!!

Nathan jumps down from the watchtower as it explodes. Nathan lands on his left leg, breaking it. Lucas helps Nathan get into a nearby house.

Benjamin Wesley: Bring him here!!!

Nathan limps into Benjamin's house.

Scene 3

Marco looks as he's locked up as Karen and Bill watches over him.

Marco Reeves: Hear those noises outside? Your friends will all die!!!

Karen Thompson: I have no friends. I've lost my husband and son.

Bill Caul: I'll be your friend.

Marco Reeves: Bitch....

Bill shoots Marco in the head in rage before he and Karen exits the prison.

Scene 4

Tommy is sniped in the head by a hostile soldier.

Geno and Reed gets into cover, and begins to shoot at the soldiers, but gets blown up by the RPG soldier.

Nicholas Holton: Kill the RPG soldier!!!

Carl Bradon: We should escape from here!!!

Carl is sniped in the head.

Bruce Elliot: Carl!!!

Bruce holds on Carl's corpse as the other survivors retreats further in the colony. Mickey, Sasha, and the RPG soldier walks up to Bruce.

Brody Cord: Should I blow up their gate?

Mickey shoots Brody in the head, and aims his pistol at Bruce.

Bruce Elliot: Kill me!!!

Mickey shoots Bruce in the head. Lucas tackles Mickey, and stabs him in the other eyejust as Sasha kicks Lucas off from him.

Lucas Lewis: Go ahead, and side with a rapist, woman. I never wanted war. Give up, and execute Mickey. No more war, and no more people die.

Sasha aims at Mickey, and shoots him in the head.

Sasha MacRoy: Soldiers! I'm in charge now! We'll leave these people alone! No more deaths and this war is over.

The soldiers walks past Lucas, who is sitting next to Mickey's corpse.

Lucas Lewis: And don't come back!!!

Lucas walks up to the gate, and shuts it. The survivor celebrates the victory just as Nathan Jr mourns the loss of Lia. Lucas walks to his house, and sees Maya and Leon in their living room.

Scene 5

After 2 months after the battle against the Benson Safe-Zone, Nathan and Karen discovers the Safe-Zone deserted with zombies all over it.

Karen Thompson: Damn....

A zombified Bella tries to attack the two, but Karen slicing her head in half.

Karen Thompson: Let's search the whole area.

Nathan finds the corpse of Sasha on a table.

Nathan DeVries: Well, their leader is dead. Maybe Evan, the doctor, is somewhere here.

Karen finds zombies devouring on Evan's corpse.

Karen Thompson: Let's clear out this place. Evan's dead.

Scene 6

Lucas gives his leadership to Bill.

Bill Caul: I'll have you help out.

Lucas Lewis: I'll be moving my family to Benson Safe-Zone. It's reportly deserted, and once Karen and Nathan clears it, me and my family are moving there.

Bill Caul: I'm handing the leadership back to you.

Bill leaves the house as Lucas realizes that he should remain as leader.

Bill is brutally stabbed by Tony, who sneaked back into the colony. Tony breaks open the door, and tries to stab Lucas, but Lucas stabs him in his neck, and proceeds to stabs him in the head multiple times.


  • TBA

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