Episode 15

Scene 1

Nathan and Karen finally manages to clear out the abandoned Benson Safe-Zone.

Nathan DeVries: You should take down the sign saying, "Benson Safe-Zone", and place signs saying, "Harrison Colony".

Karen Thompson: Alright. Go talk to the new survivors.

Nathan looks behind himself, and sees a military truck parked outside, and three armed survivors walks into the area.

Will Ford: Is there any other survivors?

Nathan DeVries: We're moving some of our population here. We discovered this place to be abandoned with bodies and zombies in it.

Ashley Richards: Need our help?

Nathan DeVries: Yes. Me and Karen are replacing the signs. Could you all take the bodies out of here, and make a large burning pile of the bodies?

Bob Ryans: Who's the man in charge?

Lucas, Maya, Leon, and Barnes rides their horses to the other half of the colony.

Lucas Lewis: I am.

Barnes Woodrow: Leon, can you help me bring those horses to the barn here that me and Mario made?

Leon Lewis: Yes.

Scene 2

Nathan Jr looks as Mario and some others begins to make expansions onto a pathway between the halves of the colony.

Nathan DeVries Jr: I miss my mother.

Bobby Harrell: I bet. I wished that my parents didn't always leave me around here to sit bored. I understand that I'm quite young, but I love to learn new things.

Mikey Wesley: We should head to the school.

Abby Wesley: Mom's the teacher?

Shaun Wesley: No. She's working in the public kitchen. Kylie Rose and Adam Brown are the teachers. Adam is moving to the other half.

The younger kids leaves Nathan's old house as Glenn and Spencer takes out the remaining furniture.

Spencer Henry: Glenn, are you moving to the new half?

Glenn Bennett: Yes. How about you?

Spencer Henry: I will be moving over to there to not have to remember the bad past of this place when Nelson and my father used to be leader.

Scene 3

Nathan looks as multiple delivery trucks arrives at the vacant houses as the former furnitures were scrapped as materials.

Nathan DeVries: Can I help?

Doug Irons: Didn't Benjamin tell you to not do any heavy lifting after he did the scans on your legs?

Nathan DeVries: Right.....

Nathan realizes that he must wait for several more weeks.

Scene 4

As Lucas places his weapons into his gun shelf, Maya hands him a letter, which revealed that she's pregnant.

Lucas Lewis: When is the due date? This is awesome!!!

Maya Lewis: 8 and a half months from now.

Leon overhears his parents talking.

Leon Lewis: Is it a boy or girl?

Maya Lewis: Twin Boys.


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