Episode 17

Scene 1

Nathan looks as Lucas and the others brings in the two wounded survivors.

Lucas Lewis: They were the mission. We needed to rescue them, but with a cost.

Mario Danes: Nate, Doug, and Glenn died while Boyd, Carla, and Barnes are missing.

Nathan DeVries: Benjamin had to put Simpson down due to a bite on his chest. Cannibals attacked him, and they were about to attack, but they left Simpson at the gate. I tried to shoot them, but I missed the silenced gunshots.

Meredith and Leon runs to the gate, and helps the two survivors.

Nathan DeVries: I want to go look for the missing survivors.

Karen Thompson: I'll go with.

Mario Danes: I'll go.

Loki walks up to Lucas and the others.

Loki Wells: Since Mario is the only living members of our friend group, I'll go.

Scene 2

Boyd and Barnes carries a wounded Carla into a small barn.

Boyd Harrell: Carla, don't give up.

Barnes Woodrow: We'll need you to live.

Boyd stares at Carla's amputated leg.

Boyd Harrell: Could we've amputated it too late?

Barnes checks for a pulse, but fails to find any pulse, and he stabs her in the head.

Barnes Woodrow: We were. I had to put her down, since there was no heart beat.

Scene 3

Nathan and the others travels through the woods, and comes across a wounded survivor that was bitten.

Bonnie Stanley: I wanted to help you all out. I snuck out, and came out here, and got bit in my arm. Please don't punish me.

Nathan proceeds to amputate her arm as he discovers a bite on her nape.

Nathan DeVries: We can't save you! You were bitten in the nape. I'm sorry, but we must....

Andrew snipes Bonnie in the head, as Vincent shoots Loki in the eye.

Mario Danes: Loki!!!

Nathan shoots Andrew in the head as Karen decapitates Vincent and Marci. Brenda tackles Nathan, and stabs her knife into Nathan's chest. Nathan screams for Mario to help. Mario stares at Nathan, and proceeds to shoot himself in the head. Nathan looks on in horror as Brenda stabs him again in the chest.

Karen Thompson: Get off him, bitch!!!

Karen slices Brenda's head in half, and carries a mortally wounded Nathan out of the woodsjusat as they come across Boyd and Barnes. The four returns inside of the colony as Nathan Jr rushes to his father.

Nathan DeVries Jr: Dad! Oh god! No!!!

Karen runs to Rebecca's house, and places Nathan on the operating table.

Karen Thompson: Save his life.

Scene 4

Nathan Jr cries as Leon lets him into his house. Lucas and Maya walks into the livingroom.

Nathan DeVries Jr: Karen came back with my dad, who had one of his body parts hanging out of his chest. Boyd and Barnes helped open the gate. I don't want my dad to die. He's my only living parent.

Maya Lewis: Let's pray for his survival.

The four begins to pray.

Scene 5

Hours goes by, as Karen and many others waits outside Rebecca's medical office. Lucas walks to the area with Nathan Jr.

Barnes Woodrow: I hope he survives the surgery.

Kylie Rose: I know.

Rebecca walks out of her office.

Nathan DeVries Jr: Is my dad alive?

Rebecca Harrell: He survived surgery, but he's recovering

Spencer and two others walks up to Lucas, and aims their weapons at Lucas.

Spencer Henry: I've long decided to do this. Give me back what my father help build before you and your group arrived or I promise that you'll be dead, and your upcoming twins will soon view me as their father.

Jerry Hopkins: Damn straight.

Xander Peterson: Give it to Spencer now. I'll make sure Leon is ate by those zombies outside the walls if you don't.

Spencer shoots Lucas' pistol as he tries to pull it out. Nicholas aims his rifle at Spencer.

Nicholas Holton: Lower the weapon, asshole!!!

Spencer Henry: You should realize that there's another follower of mine that's behind you.

Boyd Harrell: And that's me.

Boyd aims his shotgun to Nicholas' head.

Boyd Harrell: Rebecca, make sure Nathan dies.

Spencer Henry: Rebecca, keep him alive. Boyd, shut it.

Rebecca aims her gun at Lucas.

Rebecca Harrell: I'm sorry....

Barnes pulls out his dual pistols, and aims them at Spencer's head. Barnes gives one of them to Nathan Jr, who aims up at Spencer. Karen places her katana as the back of Spencer's neck.

Karen Thompson: Surrender or you and your revolting party dies right now!!!

Spencer reluctantly surrenders just as Lucas punches him in the face. Boyd, Rebecca, Jerry, and Xander lowers their weapons.

Lucas Lewis: Boyd and Rebecca, pack your stuff up. You both and your son are exiled from here. Spencer, you'll be sent to prison. Jerry and Xander, you're both exiled.

Scene 6

Nathan Jr sits right next to his father, who just woke up.

Nathan DeVries: I'm done going out there for a long time. I want to watch you grow up.

Nathan DeVries Jr: I was getting worried, dad.

Nathan DeVries: I know. If I'd died, I would've wanted Lucas and Maya to have taken you in.

Scene 7

Lucas and the rest of the colony watches as they watch Nicholas and Barnes inject some acids into his blood stream as Karen slices him in half.

Barnes Woodrow: Justice's been served!!!


  • Carla Pipkins
  • Bonnie Stanley
  • Loki Wells
  • Andrew Sandler
  • Vincent Sandler
  • Marci Sandler
  • Mario Danes
  • Brenda Sandler
  • Spencer Henry

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