Episode 18

Scene 1

Nathan is trained to walk again by Nathan Jr with the help of Barnes and Kylie.

Barnes Woodrow: Hopefully, you'll get to do your active work soon.

Nathan DeVries: Benjamin wants me to retire from labor work. I must relax at home, and stay with my son to see him grow up. I've nearly died for the safety of others, including yourself. I deserve a reward, and the reward is for me to get back to normal, and stay home. I'll workout, but I won't go outside the walls ever again. Only if something occurs that endangers my safety or Nathan Jr's safety that I'll ever leave.

Scene 2

Lucas looks at a form sent to him by Benjamin. Lucas opens it up as Maya walks.

Maya Lewis: What's in the form?

Lucas reads, and sees that Nathan can no longer do anything for the colony anymore.

Lucas Lewis: Nathan's no longer able to do labor for the colony. Looks like I'll need to train someone to acquire Nathan's skills. I won't pressure Nathan. He has to care for his son alone, since Lia died months ago.

Maya Lewis: Maybe, we should have this colony be relaxed more. No more offensive labor. Improve things around here.

Will walks in.

Will Ford: We're currently planning on an expansion.

Lucas Lewis: Cancel the expansion. We'll need to work on improving the whole colony itself.

Will Ford: But we must get the large mall as a part of the colony.

Lucas Lewis: Half of your crew improves things around here while the other half works on the mall. After that, we'll need to drastically increase our defenses.

Will Ford: Alright.

Will exits from the house.

Maya Lewis: I can't believe that our babies' due date is a few weeks from now!!!

Lucas Lewis: I know.

Scene 3

Brad walks into the gym, and sees Clara with Karen.

Brad Fisher: Clara, don't....

Clara Fisher: Brad, she's already told me that she's straight. I'll try to find a lover for myself.

Karen Thompson: You'll find one eventually.

Brad Fisher: She's a lesbian, just to let you know. Our father never wanted a daughter, so he had Clara act like a boy, but kept her for doing any type of sex change process. Even though she's my older sister, I've always watched out for her.

Clara hugs Brad.

Scene 4

Nicholas rides on his horse, and arrives at the old burnt out FEMA Facility.

Nicholas Holton: I regret not saving Tara and Bud. Bud was my good friend, and I was in love with Tara, but I never got to tell her.

Nicholas discovers the crashed car of Greg near the river. Nicholas comes up to the car, and sees a note. Nicholas places the note into his pocket just as a masked survivor arrives, and aims at him.

Gerald Waynes: Give me all of your supplies!!!

Nicholas aims his pistol at Gerald.

Nicholas Holton: You were a part of the Alley Bandits a long time ago....

Gerald Waynes: Wait! Don't kill me!!!

Nicholas ignores Gerald's plea, and shoots him in the head just as a man arrives.

Brandon Limera: Greg sent me to track down some survivors of the escape.

Brandon shoots Nicholas in the head, and loots his supplies just as Greg arrives in a small car.

Greg Mazzara: Brandon, where's the rest of that damn group?

Brandon Limera: The Harrison Colony.

Greg smirks as he stares at Nicholas' corpse.


  • Gerald Waynes
  • Nicholas Holton

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