Episode 19

Scene 1

Adam walks up to the gate, and gets shot in the head by Brandon.

Greg Mazzara: Nice shot!!!

Brandon looks at the other FEMA soldiers.

Brandon Limera: Advance!!!

The soldiers shoots at the guards.

Scene 2

5 hours ago. Maya smiles as Meredith and Kylie holds onto Maya's twins. Meredith places the two twin into a warm blanket, and then places them into a baby carrier.

Maya Lewis: What are you doing?

Meredith exits from her house as her children waits in their truck. Benjamin runs out.

Benjamin Wesley: Stop!!!

Meredith places the carrier into the car.

Meredith Wesley: We should leave before we both get caught.

Benjamin reluctantly follows Meredith's orders, and the family drives away.

Adam looks at Kylie, who runs out towards him.

Kylie Rose: Why did you let them leave?

Adam stands there confused.

Scene 3

1 hour before FEMA attacks the Harrison Colony. Lucas checks up on Maya, and sees her lying in Benjamin's old house, dying from loss of blood.

Maya Lewis: Benjamin and Meredith took our twins. Please.....try to.....

Maya dies before she continue to talk to Lucas. Lucas cries as he pulls out his dagger just as Leon walks in.

Leon Lewis: Let me do it.

Lucas turns around, and cries as he sees Leon walks towards him. Leon grabs Lucas' dagger, and stabs it into Maya's head.

Scene 4

Back to the present time. Lucas and Leon hears the gunshot as they pack up their truck.

Barnes: We all must escape from here!!!

Barnes is sniped in the head by Brandon.

Lucas and Leon gets down, and looks at Greg, who is behind Brandon and several other FEMA soldiers.

Lucas Lewis: That FEMA bastard is still alive.

Lucas and Leon sneaks away from their vehicle, and hides next to an outhouse.

Scene 5

Nathan and Nathan Jr looks outside.

A FEMA soldier charges into their house. Nathan blocks Nathan Jr from getting shot.

Nathan DeVries: Nathan Jr! Run!!!

Nathan pulls out his pistol, and shoots the FEMA soldier in the head, and follows his son.

Karen, Will, Ashley, Bob, Brad, Clara, and Kylie runs to the exit just as they come across Nathan and Nathan Jr.

Nathan DeVries: Everyone, follow me.

Lucas and Leon arrives.

Lucas Lewis: We should fight the FEMA soldiers! We've improved this place! We'll need to defend it!!!

The survivors gets into their surprise attack positions as Greg, Brandon, and the remaining soldiers walks down the central street.

Lucas Lewis: Attack!!!

Nathan and Brad snipes at the soldiers, and Clara shoots Brandon in the head, and stabs her machete into Greg's head. Clara looks as the bodies as Nathan and Brad walks behind her.

Nathan DeVries: I'm back in action!!!

The three looks as many more FEMA soldiers arrives.

Clara Fisher: Hopefully, we'll kill them without any scratches.

Brad Fisher: Alright! Set Two! Go now!!!

Will and Bob shoots rocket launchers at the soldiers. Ashley and Kylie walks up to the bodies, and executes any living survivors of the blast.


  • TBA

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