Episode 3

Scene 1

Lucas lays on the ground as he's kicked in the stomach by Bob. 

Benji Wilson: Carlos wants you to stop kicking him.

Bob Owens: Alright.

Bob spits on Lucas' face as he walks into the base. Benji gets Lucas up from the ground.

Benji Wilson: I want to calm Carlos down on hurting people. We're good people, but Bob's girlfriend and mine and Carlos' sister, Allie, has brain cancer, and we're trying to keep her calm.

Lucas Lewis: Do me a favor. Let me and my friends go.

Benji Wilson: I will if I can join your group.

Lucas Lewis: That depends on how quick you do my offer.

Benji Wilson: Alright. You win.

Benji walks into the base just as Carlos and several walks out.

Scene 2

Maya begins to worry about where Lucas and the others are at.

Maya Lewis: Nicholas, can you go look for the others?

Nicholas Holton: Me and Brandon are planning on going out to look. Calm down. They'll come back.

Brandon Bennett: We should hurry.

Nicholas Holton: Alright. We shall get going.

Scene 3

Benji lets the imprisoned survivors free as Carlos and the others watches Lucas.

Allie Wilson: Benji! Carlos! Come here!!!

Benji and Carlos walks up to Allie.

Allie Wilson: Please kill me so I can stop suffering.

Carlos pulls out his knife, and stabs Allie in the head out of mercy. Bob walks in, and begins to cry.

Arnold Owens: Bob, we need to defend the back side of this place.

Miguel Phelps: Many zombies has broke in!!!

A zombie bites Miguel in the neck, and pulls him away from the others. Benji and Carlos goes with the others.

Sandler Reeves: Get back here!!!

North Keller: Don't leave!!!

Darius Warren: Let's defend the place.

Sturgess Walters: Why not flee?

Alex Carson: Defend this place! I'm in charge now!!!

Trisha Brosnan: We need to leave, asshole.

A zombie bites into Alex's shoulder just as he accidentally shoots Trisha in the head. Sandler, North, Bob, Arnold, Darius, and Sturgess runs away from the base as the zombies overruns the place.

Scene 4

A zombie sneaks behind Natalie, and bites into her neck.

Natalie Denver: Help me!!!

Douglas shoots the zombie off from Natalie.

Several more arrives at the camp as zombies begins to devour on Matt just as the survivors returns to the camp to defend it.

Maya and Leon hides in their tent as a zombie tries to break in. Carlos shoots the zombie in it's head. The other survivors begins to kill the remaining zombies. Shane discovers a zombified Olivia under several zombie corpses, and stabs it in the head.

Lucas Lewis: We should start packing everything up, and head somewhere else.

Chris Mason: Yeah....about that...

Chris aims a shotgun at Lucas' face just as Leon grabs a pistol, and shoots Chris in his neck.

Leon Lewis: Don't hurt my dad!!!

Leon runs for his father as the others looks at Chris choking on his blood.

Leon Lewis: I feel good about shooting a person.

Lucas Lewis: You shouldn't feel good about shooting a person.

Scene 5

The survivors manages to abandon the camp just as they come across an abandoned camp site on the highway.

Lucas Lewis: Let's search the area.


  • Allie Wilson
  • Miguel Phelps
  • Trisha Brosnan
  • Alex Carson
  • Natalie Denver
  • Matt Porter
  • Olivia Vincent (Alive and Zombified)
  • Chris Mason

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